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Amie Harwick, hollywood sex therapist, found dead. Is there something more to it? I don't know!
Depuis que j'ai choisis d'ouvrir les yeux, ma vision, mon comportement face à l'autorité, tout ça s'est envolé comme un foutu papillon monarch de merde. Je hais le système, je hais l'être humain, je hais le gouvernement et ça fait déjà beaucoup.... J'ai choisis de réfléchir par moi même, quitte à ce que personne me comprenne. Une fois les yeux ouvert je n'peux plus les fermé.... ✌
When we fall in love with Jesus, we just can't help but change because Jesus changes us! The old person that we were is gone and our new life as Christians now defines who we are. However, we cannot experience a vibrant life in Christ one moment and dance with the devil the next! We must take sides and choose whom we serve, because we can only serve "one master!" If we choose to "dabble" in sin, we will be miserable!
Still frustrated and lost after finding out the truth.
Hi, just released a video proving 100% that Lord of the ring predicted in 1954 9/11 events, I also show the connexion between freemasonry and Kazakhstan gov, the London eye, Futurama EYEphone, the ring connex with the eye, and code 33 in all that, any view, like and/or comment and share help spread the truth, so thank a lot to any of that ;)

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