Petty Squabbles Thread


Mar 13, 2017
Lol. I’m talking in a general context.

This another thing I want add. I’m glad you replied. It’s easy to misinterpret on a forum or a text message.
But you’re not saying that you think I have mental issues?


May 21, 2017
A lot of posters end up taking the bait and get into spats with her.
So it’s a two way thing. How you choose to react to lisa or any other poster on here for that matter.

I can use polymoog and I as an example. We have our disagreements but I at the end of the day I consider him a forum friend.

Same with lisa, you, any poster on here. I rarely go around the serious threads anymore cause everything is so on edge disagreements end up hostile.

We all, myself included get wrapped up in proving a point we become hostile towards each other. We’re all here seeking alternative options, seeking truths to shady antics imposed by those in charge.

Conspiracy theorist are often misfits or “losers”. We can all have a place here to feel more comfortable within ourselves. We need to let go of the ego though and be willing to tolerate as annoying as some can be.

You all are VC fam even though I may not know any of you personally.
The fact I can come somewhere to randomly rant away, provide a neutral stance.

Sometimes all people need is a little chit chat to put their life in perspective.
I’d hate the thought of logging in and being a douche to someone who is probably battling mental health issues. That’s why I typically try to stay the middle man
Well put!