Kpop Satanic/Illuminati Influence


Feb 7, 2022
this is framed as a joke of course but we all know the real reason why all of these groups had these themes
It wasn't a performance it was a satanic ritual


Oct 24, 2021
so they were forced to break up ? that's very sad..
i don't think it was forced.
the relationship was so very unhealthy, not only because they are full-blooded addicts, but also because their careers are going south.
nobody knows who the f d@wn is except for "hyun@h's (druggie) boyfriend", even tho the guy would make a decent producer if he tried. they made a whole spectacle of their relationship, they promoted together, they performed together. and they flopped together. they boasted about them being true love and how close they are, literally made a brand out of their relationship. you can't turn your love life into a business then still hope it functions as a private relationship.
i saw fans commenting "love is dead. this is worse than the Br@ngelina break-up. true love doesn't exist" and all that crap...
idk about you but it's still remarkable they lasted this long.


Jul 23, 2020
855 the shadow of Jonghyun...still "exploiting" his memories...Shinee has never moved on... Minho appears to lack a "sense of originality..." He better retire soon...just play
Never fails. ONEW did it..creating and promoting his album.the week of Jonghyun birthday. Then posting a 5 year old photo of them together. First time to do that since Jonghyun passed. Minho will do the same. SHINee is disrespectful to Jonghyun and his memory.


Sep 21, 2021
My sister has got into BTS in the last year and its like watching a cult member. the amount of money she wastes on their merchandise and the way she talks about them as if she knows them. Its quite worrying
The BTS fandom does exhibit the characteristics of a cult...and KPop, in general, is into the occult. There's a strong indication that hardcore fans are "under a spell..." The parasocial relationship they have with the BTS members got them hooked...and can be considered a form of "addiction..."


Jan 18, 2019
He had a seizure before collapsing. Look at his body language, he looked uncertain before he fell and when he got up he was looking for help. Because the man was not able to tell them that he was not feeling well, so that's why he was looking for someone behind for help before falling down because there was no one else there except them due to the live session. But sadly, before he could say anything, he collapsed.

May His Soul Rest In Peace.
seizures also cause muscle spasms that might cause that circular movement we just saw. His body got locked in place. Multiple videos showing similar stuff out there.

Achsah Caleb

Nov 11, 2022
I found this they did not mention Lucas in this naver article so what is going to happen to him now?? Is he ever going to comeback or will he have to leave the industry completely like Garam??
Idk if it was mentioned here or i read it somewhere, there were some posts claiming seeing lùcàs leave a recording studio or something but there were other posts too saying it might be over for him since how ŚM never mentioned him in any of the upcoming events like their year end album, šmtòwn events, etc..


Jun 2, 2021


Oct 1, 2021
Hi everyone. I usually lurk but decided to comment and have some questions and would be grateful if any of them would be answered

1. I searched but no one seemed to discuss Bibi's Animal Farm music video? IT'S SOOO CREEPY AND SO BLATANTLY IN YOUR FACE WITH SYMBOLISM. Especially when you remember how she was crying recently about being mistreated and starving and the next day acting like nothing happened and tiger jk who's apparently her mentor or something also denied? then this mv happens???
You have to watch on yt bc it seems it doesn't allow to show here but you don't have to wait bc it starts from the start!
[my bad, someone did discuss but it was mostly in french]

2. Does anyone remember Girls On Top - Step back teaser? The creepy sound starts with people in robes(were they in masks?) gathering to watch them perform but in the full video, I don't see them? It was similar to twice - perfect world? Like men whose faces were covered were watching them too. Can anyone explain with Bibi's mv combined what's the meaning behind men with masks gathering and watching them? Does it mean "tptb" or whatever they're called just like in squid game and eyes wide shut movie?? I remember the same happening in TTS - Holler and Itzy - wannabe mv.
Random but does anyone have that step back teaser bc it feels like I'm imagining things and last time I couldn't find it.

3. It's so weird how the big companies started using Alice in Wonderland concept all of a sudden one after another? First it was nmixx, then itzy and now txt with their weird concept teaser? Why so serious line by itzy reminded me of hollywood and how p diddy was dressed as a joker before take off death and how off set dressed as a joker too a couple of days? later to promote his single.
4. I was reading about Yeonjun and how people here mentioned that he's escorting. Does anyone find it weird how hybe pushes only him? I don't follow them like a fan, but I noticed recently how they try to push him as the it boy with all those fashion gigs, photoshoots, only him opening an ig account as if others don't care, sure. And now he got a solo stage on mama awards too. Iirc bts was all about rm first + jk as the center, but at least it was kinda balanced? Then others started getting some gigs but with txt, it seems only yj gets everything. Does it mean hybe don't want others to gain more popularity than him since the it boy agenda wouldn't be a thing anymore or does it mean others refuse to sell themselves like he does?
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