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  • Hi VigilantCitizen,

    Can you please remove my thread Barack Hussein Obama's father was Malcolm X. Whilst this accusation is true it needs to be removed because I am at risk of being sued for defamation.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Kind regards,

    Nerrilie Rankin
    Hi VigilantCitizen,

    Can you please remove the thread Barack Hussein Obama's father was Malcolm X.

    Many thanks

    Nerrilie Rankin
    Hello! It seems to be that my private messages to you are not reaching you for some reason. A few days ago I made a post with regard to how synchronicities could make people end up in having delusions, however, my post got rejected. May I know the reason? Thanks!
    In the old forums there was 10 post rule, if you don't have 10 posts you can't start threads. Not sure if it's same way now, but that's the only thing I can think of, because threads here doesn't require any additional confirmation
    Hi Vytas, Thanks for the reply. Not sure if that's the case cause right now I can open up a thread but then it says "awaiting approval before being displayed publicly". This is why I thought that it must have been disapproved.
    Sorry to disturb but member @nad has been purposely derailing the thread in BTS (bangtan ) discussion forum

    Edit : nope the ignore & report button isn’t effective either I just wish we could get to moderate our own threads :/
    Are here some Moderators?
    Censorship infiltration is underway...Buckle your chinstraps...See the Wondering: Any form moderators thread in The Lounge...Censorship is slithering in...
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