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  • The government has many secrets hiding from you, the people of the world. Often to protect the elite and people from knowing the truth to many things.
    Next week, at least in politics, it'll really be March Madness. Screenshot this post if you do not believe me. Cheers!
    Transgender people are mainly crazy people without any logic in their lives. You CAN'T CHANGE YOUR GENDER that God has given you.
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    During one of the times where I decided to type "mkultra" and "mind control" in porn sites (and I don't recommend this), I found a person creating a load of hypnosis videos concerning something called "bimbofication" - honestly, (exceedingly impressionable) men watch these videos and it hypnotises them to want to become "Barbie doll sluts" - still not sure if I ever want to make a thread on it,though... it's all NSFL
    Kung Fu
    It's no laughing matter, fam...
    Accepting LEGAL Immigrants into our country through a process is an excellent thing. But ILLEGAL Immigrants jumping/coming across our border is not a GOOD THING. Simple!
    If you ever wondered, in politics I'm in the middle spectrum of politics, leaning towards the right.
    Wow! I have stumbled upon some great Forum site. I must post my messages and make people like it, truly or forcefully.
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