What are you listening to?

Feb 2, 2019
I used to be like everyone else, and listened to radio music. I used to love old country music, as it brought back feelings of being very little and having my Gramma teach me to line dance.
I used to love to listen to Green Day, and Smashing Pumpkins. I lived in Germany for a few years and I absolutely could not get enough Darude, or DJ Tiesto to name a few.

For like 5 years now, something changed in me. Rarely if ever, do I listen to ANY music anymore.
Trust me, it can be done.

I can see every song as a “spell,” and a brainwashing that is able to control some parts of my thinking and emotions.
I HATE that.

Now I see how susceptible I was to techno because it made my mind numb and empty.
Yep, radio songs are spells, and satan makes the best ones.
No wonder the A-list music stars often thank their god when they win awards:(

Jan 22, 2018
I left my abusive ex of 10 years and im not afraid of the thunderclouds anymore. ♡♡♡

I think you should be grateful to the big illuminati Jew in the sky who managed to steer you through this difficult aspect of your life and give you the strength to leave your ex partner.

How would we possibly be able to deal with these trying situations in life without guidance from that all seeing eye in the sky?


Oct 23, 2018
Not sure why, but I've had a thing for The Kinks lately after hearing "A Well Respected Man" on Thursday.

Actually, "Set Me Free" bothers me since the singer's singing about "set me free, little girl". Those 60s songs weren't innocent. He's probably just singing about his little woman, but it could be taken another way. The one that's really creepy is "Young Girl" by Gary Puckett & the Union Gap. Skeevy even.

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