Stand With Ukraine? No Thanks. Business As Usual.


Jul 31, 2018
Of course, business plays a great role when it comes to war. But remember that the civil population dies every day there (I won't tell about the armed forced numbers). And it is great that people all over the world help them. Ordinary Ukrainians do their best. A lot of them volunteer. There have been created various projects to help paramedics and the army. I've recently read about Cartodonate. This project is aimed to find people who want to donate their cars which will be transformed and repaired and used for Ukrainian defense needs. I personally admire the strength of mind and spirit of Ukrainians.
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Oct 20, 2021
Of course, business plays a great role when it comes to war. But remember that the civil population dies every day there (I won't tell about the armed forced numbers). And it is great that people all over the world help them. Ordinary Ukrainians do their best. A lot of them volunteer. There have been created various projects to help paramedics and the army. I've recently read about Cartodonate. This project is aimed to find people who want to donate their cars which will be transformed and repaired and used for Ukrainian defense needs. I personally admire the strength of mind and spirit of Ukrainians.
So after the US has given countless billions to Ukraine for this useless war now Ukrainian people are expected to give their cars to Zelensky? What next they have to go to blood banks and donate their blood? They have to stop eating so Zelensky can buy more cocaine? I have better idea let him sell one of his mansions and let him support his own habit.
Oct 2, 2017
Anyone else find it odd how zelensky is paraded around different nations? He's done a speech in Congress, now in the UK parliament, at the UN, and today France then off to the EU summit. I also remember he was angry because he wanted to do a speech at the world cup.

Does anyone else remember a leader in a country that's currently fighting an invasion going on a world tour. Speaking in front of other countries parliament's. Being literally worshipped by leaders of the world. It just feels off.


Nov 8, 2022
"A triangle with a circle inside it is an occult symbol, the so–called "magic triangle of King Solomon". Occultists blasphemously and blasphemously claim that with the help of this triangle, King Solomon allegedly controlled the spirits.

The so-called "magic triangle of King Solomon" is taken from the occult book - "The Testament of Solomon".

The so-called "Testament of Solomon" is a pseudepigraphic summary text attributed allegedly to King Solomon. It is not a canonical book of Holy Scripture in the True Orthodox Faith. In reality, the whole narrative was not written by King Solomon, but written blasphemously and blasphemously in relation to the Truth of Christ.

Pseudepigraphic writings, in modern textual studies also pseudepigraphs (from others.-Greek.εευδής — false, deceptive + others.-Greek. ἐπι-γρᾰφή — "inscription") — texts attributed to any person who is not their real author, as a rule, a well-known rhetorician, church or public figure.

In Old Testament Biblical studies, the term is usually used for a large number of false, according to the Truth of Christ, Jewish religious texts created in the period 300 BC — 300 AD.

In the most notable editions of the text of the so-called "Testament of Solomon", it is described allegedly how Solomon was able to build a Temple to the Lord by controlling demons with the help of a magical ring of omnipotence (now it is clear what kind of "ring of omnipotence" the all-seeing eye of Sauron (the devil) in the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings"), which he (Solomon) allegedly entrusted by archangel Michael.

There is a narrative in the book that allegedly when the demon Ornias harasses a young man (whom Solomon loves), stealing half of his salary and sucking his vitality through the thumb of his right hand, Solomon allegedly prays in the Temple and receives from the archangel Michael a ring with the seal of God (in the form of a pentagram, i.e. a diabolical symbol) on him, which will allow him to command the demons. Solomon allegedly gives the ring to a guy who, after throwing the ring at the demon Ornias, puts a seal on it and takes control of it. Then supposedly Solomon orders the demon Ornias to take the ring and seal the demon prince Beelzebub in the same way.

Ostensibly with Beelzebub under his command, Solomon has all the demons on his orders to build a Temple to the Lord.

This is followed by a brief conclusion in which Solomon allegedly describes how he fell in love with a Shunammite woman and agreed to worship the demons Remfan and Moloch in exchange for carnal copulation. Solomon allegedly agrees to sacrifice to them.
Most of the testament allegedly consists of Solomon's conversations with demons.

"... What is the fellowship of righteousness with iniquity? What does light have in common with darkness?" (2 Corinthians 6:14).
One cannot enter into any visual, sensory and mental contacts with evil spirits, otherwise a person is seduced and deceived by them, for they are one evil. And we know for sure that this is a blasphemous and blasphemous slander against the Temple of the Living God and slander and blasphemy against King Solomon.

The triangle facing downwards, inside which the circle symbolizes the dark side, has the symbolism of the uterus, water, cold, nature, body, yoni, shakti.

Shakti - in the occultism of Tantrism, Shaivism and Shaktism — is allegedly the wife of the demon "Shiva", and other false gods (demons) of Hinduism. Yoni is a Sanskrit term, in occult Hinduism it symbolizes the vagina, vulva. Literally translated, it means "womb", "place of birth", "source". Yoni symbolizes the demon "shakti" (supposedly divine energy, but actually demonic) and other supposedly feminine aspects of God."


Good afternoon. I want to share the news that people in Russia apparently do not know, because military equipment does not travel in such abundant quantities in Russian cities as in the LDPR.

From June-July 2022, in Lugansk, almost all Russian military equipment uses a new occult symbol instead of "Z" and "V". The symbols "Z" and "V" are also present on military equipment, but especially in most cases a new symbol is used. This is an inverted triangle with a circle inside it.

It should be noted that it is forbidden to photograph military equipment in the LDPR, for which many people in the LDPR have already been recognized as allegedly Ukrainian agents, condemning them for long periods. On top of everything else, people hand over a lot to each other in the LDNR. Therefore, there are no photos almost everywhere and it is difficult to find them.

Oct 20, 2021
More acting
This is disgusting. Instead of helping people in East Palestine he is consorting with a homosexual drug addict. Ukraine gets countless billions for no logical reason but citizens of East Palestine lucky to get a ten dollar gift certificate at Walmart.


Nov 8, 2022
This war and the murderous sanctions will forever put an end to relations between Russia and Europe. :(

Gazprom's application for transit through Ukraine has increased to the maximum since the beginning of the year

Moscow. February 20. INTERFAX.EN - The application for the transportation of Russian gas through Ukraine on Monday rose to the maximum value since the beginning of 2023.

The operator of the GTS of Ukraine (OGTSU) reported that it had accepted a transit request from Gazprom for Monday in the amount of 39.2 million cubic meters. The indicator over the weekend was similar, and from Wednesday to Friday it was at the level of 35.8 million cubic meters.

[...]Gazprom sees no grounds for force majeure, as well as obstacles to continuing work in the previous mode..."

What?! But.. but.. but..isn't there an insurmountable rift in the relationship?! Is it Russian disinformation propaganda? Hello, hello, we can't hear it we have confirmation from Ukraine??

February 20 , 2023
Transit of Russian gas through Ukraine has increased to the maximum since the beginning of the year

The application of Russian Gazprom for gas transit through Ukraine has increased to the maximum value since the beginning of the year — to more than 39 million cubic meters. This is evidenced by the data of the "Operator of the GTS of Ukraine", the Business Censor reports with reference to Interfax-Ukraine."

Oh, yes, baby, yes!



Nov 8, 2022
As I'm learning, your statement and the posts from @Lalas are essential to understanding the true underlying purpose of the war. As these international forces seek to implement a "greater Israel" it's more than obvious how much they hate the ethnic Ukrainian people. The new agreements with Blackrock are only a continuation of the hollowing out of Ukraine's resources and sovereignty since the staged Maidan revolution.

I found this site but please share any others you think are informative:

Chabad Wishes To Build The New City On The Hill-The New Zion In Kiev Ukraine

I've posted his work before and am interested to hear Dr. Johnson's view on Khazaria 2.0 (from 2018):

"This lecture traces the events of February 2014 as parallel to the history and mentality of the Khazar empire and the nature of its power. It especially focuses on Kolomoisky as the de facto ruler of Ukraine and one of the richest men in the world. Zionism has shifted its focus from Israel to the Black Sea due to the influence of Chabad, Kolomoisky and the failures of the Israeli state. Settlers have already arrived from Haifa."
Yeah, definitely.

What is cooked in the "witch's cauldron". Neo-pagan cults have gained strength in Ukraine

With the continuation of the special operation in Ukraine, there is more and more evidence that the greatest atrocities on the territory of Donbass and in other Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine have been committed for many years by fanatics blinded by ideas far from common sense, morality and traditional religious teachings.

Alexey Pavlov, Assistant Secretary of the Russian Security Council, told AIF about this.
Here is Alexey Pavlov's full statement to the AIF

VIP sectarians
— Since the 1990s, the number of adherents of religious sects has multiplied in Ukraine. A powerful impetus for this was the coup in Kiev in 2014. The performers planted by Washington in power chairs realized the tasks that poured from overseas.

One of them is to reformat the minds of Ukrainian citizens, to force them to abandon centuries—old traditions, to ban the real values carried by the Orthodox faith, Islam and Judaism. Using network manipulations and psychotechnologies, the new authorities turned Ukraine from a state into a totalitarian hypersect. Moreover, those in power in Kiev were the first to turn into militant fanatics, whose views are directly opposite to the views of normal people.

Unconditional surrender of the Nazi criminals of the Azov battalion in Mariupol of the Russian army. Idols did not help the Azovians defeat the Russian warriors. Most of the Nazis were destroyed. According to the teaching of the church, idols are images of demons, and pagans are Satanists, while the souls of unrepentant idolaters go to hell after death.

For example, Alexander Turchinov, who became acting president of Ukraine after the coup d'etat, is the pastor of the neo—Pentecostal church "Word of Life", a branch of the Boston movement "Church of Christ", which has a single word for Donbass, Odessa, Kharkov, Zaporozhye and other regions of historical Novorossiya — "death". The first "post—Maidan" Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is a Hubbardist, a follower of the Church of Scientology, banned in Russia as a totalitarian sect. Igor Kolomoisky is a Lubavitcher Hasid, a Chabad, an adherent of the ultra—orthodox religious movement. The main life principle of the Lubavitch Hasidim is the superiority of the sect's supporters over all nations and peoples. A number of other Ukrainian oligarchs also belong to this movement, in particular Viktor Pinchuk, the son—in—law of the second president of Ukraine Kuchma, author of the book "Ukraine is not Russia".

Self-appointed "magi"
How could Orthodox Ukraine turn into a hotbed of sects? Back in the early XX century, the spiritual inspirer of the future OUN * Dmitry Dontsov stated that the provisions of his ideology do not require proof — either you believe in them, or you are an enemy. It was he who, back in 1926, published his conceptual work "Nationalism", preaching the extra-moral radicalism of hierarchical Nazism and a special, heated anti-Russian pathos, claiming that Russians allegedly do not even belong to the "reasonable person" type.

The progenitor of Ukrainian neo-paganism was a certain Vladimir Shayan. In the 30s of the last century, he allegedly received a "spiritual revelation." Then, having appointed himself a "magus", he put together a pagan sect "Native Faith". During the Great Patriotic War, he joined the Ukrainian Nazis from the OUN, and later fled to Germany, where he continued to spread his teachings. His sermons were a standard for neo-pagans vinaigrette of ancient Slavic gods, Aryans and rituals invented on the knee. All this was seasoned with terry Ukrainian Nazism, in the best traditions of which Russia was considered exclusively as an occupier.

Shayan's ideas appealed to the collaborationist scum, who emigrated to the West at the end of World War II. For example, two centers of neo-paganism in Ukrainian have settled in Canada. But especially abundant shoots sown by Shayan gave it with the collapse of the USSR. The banner was picked up by Lev Silenko, who took a sonorous pseudonym — Lev Tigrovich Orligora. During the war, he worked for the nationalists, and after fleeing to Canada, he wrote his creed in the form of a historiosophical folio "The Great Faith", created a RUNE-faith ("native Ukrainian national faith"), laying a kind of "Ukrainian Empire" as its basis. It is not surprising that the source of this obscurantism, which, in fact, has nothing to do with paganism, was created in the West by greenhouse conditions. By the early 70s, branches of the RUNE Faith existed in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia. In the 80s, not just communities of this sect appeared in these countries, but even temples were being built.

After 1991, the organization's branches began to appear in Ukraine.

Its adherents regularly wrote letters to Presidents Kravchuk, Kuchma and Yushchenko with demands to close Christian churches and abandon Orthodoxy. And the teachers of the Lviv University went even further, having developed the program of the course "Religious Studies", which included a deep study of the RUNE faith.

This trend, together with other neo-pagan organizations, became the basis for the implementation of the anti-Russia project in Ukraine after 2014.

From Maidan to Shaitan
The exact number of sects in Ukraine is unknown, but the count goes to hundreds. Some of them were created by being pre-sharpened for a specific purpose and flock. Others simply existed as branches of wealthier patrons. Still others — and at all in the form of a kind of closed joint stock company with a couple of hundred parochial adherents.

Among them are the Association of Rodnovers of Ukraine, "Rodobozhie", "White Hammer", "Perunova army", "Mokosha", "White Hort", "Great Fire", "Grandchildren of Veles", etc. This hodgepodge of Svarog, Dazhbog, Veles and Perun is held together by tracing paper from the neo-pagan cults of the Third Reich, as well as terry nationalism, hiding behind the search for the "true ancient faith".

By the way, nationalist formations such as "Azov"*, "Aidara"*, "Tornado", "Kraken" and others openly use the runic trident and the Black Sun — symbols of the occult practices of the SS. There is a wolfsangel crossed with a Ukrainian trident, and the figures of the founder of the American racist group "Order" David Lane. The Ukrainian neo—Nazis are proud of the images of the Odal rune, the symbol of the fascists of the SS General Directorate for Race and Settlements, and the Nazi emblem of the Deadhead division, which shot British prisoners in 1940, and in 1943 indiscriminately destroyed the inhabitants of Kharkov. Next to the blasphemous images of Christ and the Virgin, portraits of Hitler and Bandera are impaled, as well as the symbol of the Satanists Baphomet.

If we talk about the origins of occultism and sectarianism, then I note that the "Church of Satan", which has spread across Ukraine, is one of the officially registered religions in the United States.

Is it any wonder that in 2015, in Kiev, a group of pagans broke and desecrated the cross of worship erected for the 1000th anniversary of the repose of the Holy Equal-to—the-Apostles Grand Duke Vladimir, the Baptist of Russia. And already this year, the star of Ukrainian social networks was a Lviv actress with reduced social responsibility, portraying a slightly battered witch with a cemetery wreath, with calls to kill all Russians. Allegedly, "the most ancient primordial Ukrainian god, who has been dormant for centuries in the Dnieper hills, calls for this." The Kiev store with the bright name "Witch's Cauldron" from the beginning of a special military operation for a lot of money offers customers to perform a ritual of "spoiling" on Russians. Moreover, all this Satanism finds a lively response and support from the official Ukrainian authorities.

I believe that with the continuation of the special military operation, it becomes more and more urgent to carry out the desatanization of Ukraine, or, as the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov aptly put it, its "complete deshaytanization". "
In his statement/analysis Alexey Pavlov mentions that the special operation of Russia has shown how urgent the desatanization of Ukraine is, and that the jewish movement Chabad Lubavitch is also a sect.

What happened?
January 20, 2023
Pavlov, a supporter of the "desatanization" of Ukraine, was dismissed from the Russian Security Council
Putin dismissed Alexey Pavlov from the post of Assistant Secretary of the Russian Security Council

Alexey Pavlov, who worked as an assistant to the head of the Russian Security Council for almost 14 years, was relieved of his post by a decree of the President of Russia. Before that, he served in the FSB. Pavlov became widely known after his interview with Arguments and Facts, in which he insulted Jews. Because of his words, the head of the Russian Security Council Patrushev had to publicly apologize.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the removal of Alexei Pavlov from the post of Assistant Secretary of the Security Council. The document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information. The reasons for the dismissal were not named.

So far, the data about Pavlov has not been removed from the tab of the Security Council's website "Administration of the Apparatus". It follows from them that 51-year-old Pavlov has held his post since 2009, before that he worked in the Federal Security Service, as well as in the Federal Agency for Government Communications and Information under the President of Russia. He is a Lieutenant general, awarded the Orders of Honor and Friendship, the Medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, II degree and other medals. Pavlov is married and has a daughter.

Last fall, due to the scandal surrounding Pavlov's interview, the head of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, had to apologize for his assistant.

Pavlov's interview
In October 2022, Pavlov, in an interview with Argumenty i Fakty, spoke about the religious situation in Ukraine. He expressed the opinion that Russia's special operation showed how urgent the "desatanization" of Ukraine is becoming.

According to him, the Kiev regime has turned the country into a "totalitarian hypersect", which allegedly professes neo-paganism as the basis of radical nationalism.

"Since the 1990s, the number of adherents of religious sects has multiplied in Ukraine. A powerful impetus for this was the coup in Kiev in 2014. The performers planted by Washington in power chairs implemented tasks that poured from overseas," the assistant to the head of the Russian Security Council said at that time.

As one of such tasks, he called "reformatting" the minds of Ukrainians in order to force them to abandon centuries-old traditions, "to ban the real values carried by the Orthodox faith, Islam and Judaism."

"Using network manipulations and psychotechnologies, the new authorities have transformed Ukraine from a state into a totalitarian hypersect. Moreover, those in power in Kiev were the first to turn into militant fanatics whose views are directly opposite to the views of normal people," he claimed.

At the same time, he could not name the exact number of sects, determining only that "the count goes to hundreds."

"Some of them were created by being pre-sharpened for a specific purpose and flock. Others simply existed as branches of wealthier patrons. Still others are in the form of a kind of closed joint—stock company with a couple of hundred parochial adherents," says the material published on the AIF website.
Among other things, Pavlov said that the Jewish movement "Chabad Lubavitch" is also a "sect".

Reaction to Pavlov 's material
This definition caused extreme indignation of the chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar. He stated that Pavlov's theses about Hasidim offend "millions of believing Jews, including the vast majority of Jews in Russia."

"The Lubavitch Hasidim, the Chabad religious movement, are not a "sect", but a legitimate school of Judaism. And today it is the largest movement within Hasidism," RIA Novosti quotes him as saying.

Lazar pointed out that "90% of the rabbis working in the Jewish communities of Russia belong to Chabad." He added that he himself is a Lubavitcher Hasid.

"As for the ideology of Chabad, contrary to the fictions of Mr. Pavlov, it resolutely rejects idolatry, while at the same time it preaches respect for all religions that preach faith in one God, for all peoples and for every person," the Chief Rabbi of Russia stressed.

Lazar believes that Pavlov's statements "could be called vulgar anti-Semitic nonsense and squeamishly pass by, but the post he holds does not allow this to be done." The rabbi called on the authorities and society to react to the words of the representative of the Russian Security Council, as they "pose a huge danger."

The President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, Rabbi Alexander Boroda, stressed that "the Security Council is called upon to maintain calm within society, and not to construct imaginary threats."

In turn, the Russian Jewish Congress appealed to the IC and the prosecutor's office with a demand to evaluate Pavlov's statements about Hasidim. They asked "to check for the presence in Alexey Pavlov's publication of an administrative offense under Article 20.3.1 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation ("incitement of hatred or enmity, as well as humiliation of human dignity"), or a crime under Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("incitement of hatred or enmity, as well as humiliation of human dignity")".

REK stressed that he considers "unacceptable and dangerous" statements "that create a clear negative attitude towards the Lubavitcher Hasidim in society."

Soon, the chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Patrushev apologized for the statements of his assistant.

He admitted that Pavlov's published interview "contained erroneous lines about the Lubavitch Hasidim."

"I apologize to the readers of the publication and would like to note that this interpretation reflects the personal point of view of Alexei Pavlov and is by no means the official position of the Security Council of the Russian Federation," Patrushev wrote, whose words are given on the publication's website.

Patrushev assured that "appropriate work has been carried out with Pavlov."

Oh, yess baby..

p.s: Chabad-Lubavitch trembles with fear.....
Oct 20, 2021
This is disgusting. Instead of helping people in East Palestine he is consorting with a homosexual drug addict. Ukraine gets countless billions for no logical reason but citizens of East Palestine lucky to get a ten dollar gift certificate at Walmart.


May 17, 2020


Nov 8, 2022
Kovalchuk: SMO contributes to the consolidation of the scientific and technological space of the country

The President of the National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" also noted that today a fast end product is needed that affects the industry and the economic structure of the country

MOSCOW, February 24, 2023. The Special Military Operation (SMO) has become an incentive for the consolidation of society as a whole and, in particular, the scientific and technological space of the country. This opinion was expressed by Mikhail Kovalchuk, President of the Kurchatov Institute National Research Center, to TASS on Friday, the anniversary of the start of the SMO.

"Now the process of restoring the mobilization system is underway - we are talking about mobilization as the ability of the state system to respond quickly and effectively to complex, extraordinary circumstances. Science is being integrated into this system, it should be sensitive to the specific challenges that the country faces. Today, we need not only the research process, which science has always focused on, but also a fast final product that affects the industry and the economic structure of the country," he said.

The head of the Institute noted that in order to achieve this task, it is necessary to unite the scientific and technological space of Russia, as well as "the development of cooperation aimed at achieving tangible results as soon as possible."

Joining forces
Speaking about examples of such consolidation, Kovalchuk noted the unification of the efforts of the Kurchatov Institute with the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), which is expected within the framework of the prepared draft government decree, according to which the institute will be under the scientific and methodological guidance of the RAS.

"The main function of the RAS is expertise and prognosis. And the Kurchatov Institute is the leading scientific organization in almost all programs aimed at breakthrough research. These are mega-science <...>, genetics <...>, the development of nuclear technologies, new materials science, microelectronics. We have concentrated significant resources in these areas - human, intellectual, and technical. All this will create the basis for the rapid transition of science to a new level of efficiency. And the degree of SMO influence on these processes is very significant," the scientist said.
Kovalchuk recalled that with the participation and often on the initiative of Russian scientists, major international scientific projects were implemented: CERN, the European Free Electron Laser (XFEL, Hamburg, Germany), the European Synchrotron Radiation Center (ESRF, Grenoble, France), the Center for the Study of Heavy Ions (GSI, Vikshausen, Germany) and others.

Separately, the scientist noted the ITER project: an international experimental thermonuclear reactor based on a tokamak was developed and first created at the Kurchatov Institute. The very idea of ITER belongs to academician Evgeny Velikhov, who now holds the post of honorary president of the Kurchatov Institute.
Prospects for cooperation
Speaking about the prospects for international cooperation in this area, the head of the Kurchatov Institute noted the presence of "a certain optimism", since science and culture have always remained areas that "even in the worst times helped to connect peoples and countries."

"Our task is to preserve the accumulated experience. Russia is not closing itself to cooperation and is not going to do so. The Kurchatov Institute continues to work in European projects in the form in which it is now possible, and tries for its part to support the created collaborations," Kovalchuk concluded
, adding that now the institute is also increasing cooperation in a number of areas with the CIS, SCO and BRICS countries."

The bright future of artificial intelligence, digital currencies, "vaccines," personal carbon credits and implantable chips, as an important part of the Universal World Good, will not only not suffer, not only will International Cooperation in these areas not be affected, but the "SMO" even intensified these developments (both in the "collective West" and in Russia, and in the entire "multipolar" opponent of the evil American hegemony).



Nov 8, 2022

February 24, 2023

Since the spring of last year, the Russian economy has been under serious sanctions pressure from the United States and its allies. Finance Minister Janet Yellen praised Russia's success in resisting the influence of the West.

According to the head of the US Treasury Department, which she voiced during a visit to the Indian city of Bangalore, the Russian economy coped with the consequences of sanctions better than the countries that imposed them expected. Numerous Western experts painted a completely different picture in the future.

Yellen confirmed that the measures taken by Western states have not gone unnoticed for the Russian economy. They were able to have a significant impact on the stability of the Russian budget. Over the past few months, Russia has been suffering from a serious shortage of it. Today, the Russian economy does not receive many different resources necessary for normal functioning.

It was Yellen who initiated the introduction of a price ceiling for Russian petroleum products. She signed the relevant document in early February of this year. From that moment on, the maximum cost of petroleum products from Russia cannot exceed $ 100 and $ 45, depending on the price at which they are traded on the international market.

February 25, 2023

The Russian economy was able to withstand Western sanctions, as well as achieve impressive results that discouraged "unfriendly" countries. The information was provided by the columnists of The Paper.

Vladimir Putin did not deviate from his intended goal even after threats from the United States and Europe. Under his leadership, the country was able to stand up with dignity and exceed all expectations. Thanks to the sanctions, the Russian Federation has formed a new, personal development model and established cooperation with Eastern partners. In parallel, retaliatory measures were developed against the Americans.

Economic indicators in many industries have grown more than forecasts. There is a stable situation in the country. At the same time, Europe was under attack, because its own restrictions turned into a "boomerang" for it. The Europeans' relations with the Chinese and Russian authorities continue to deteriorate, which may cause the beginning of a protracted crisis."


What happened to the sanctions war? It was supposed to get very bad, but in fact in none of the warring parties is that bad, but still everything is bad enough to require the introduction of digital currencies, personal carbon credits, energy "efficiency" and neural networks for social regulation (and vaccines continue)...


Nov 8, 2022
Russian site No. 1 for Nanotechnology, writes
Scientists have calculated how much the conflict in Ukraine has increased energy prices around the world

February 19, 2023
A new scientific paper shows the magnitude of the increase in household spending in 116 countries. According to scientists, this will lead to an impressive increase in the number of extremely poor people. In 2021, Russia exported 12.3% of all oil that entered the international trade system. For gas, this figure was even higher — 23.6%. Although Russia has increased its physical production and export of oil in 2022, despite the sanctions, restrictions on gas exports have affected it, and the total physical supply of domestic energy carriers on the world market has decreased.

As NakedScience predicted in February-March 2022, this did not lead to a drop in Russian export earnings. In fact, they, on the contrary, have grown seriously, reaching record sizes in history. The mechanism of income growth was that the prices of exported goods grew much faster than their physical volume decreased. Nevertheless, the situation was not so rosy for the rest of the world.

An international group of scientists, whose research is published in the journal Nature Energy, focused on this sad side of the issue. The authors collected data on energy costs in 116 countries and then calculated how much energy costs should increase for local residents.

It turned out that despite the fact that the scale of changes in such costs varies greatly for different states, almost all countries covered by the study were seriously affected. Household energy–related costs should increase by 62.6-112.9%. The main reason is an increase in average coal prices by 176% (we are talking about the period from February to September 2022), oil and petroleum products — by 51%, natural gas — by 94%.

Per capita spending for rich countries grew the most because they consumed more energy than the poor. But in terms of total income, on the contrary, it is the poor countries that have suffered the most: the incomes of their residents are so small that energy accounts for a large share of expenses. The number of extremely poor due to the post-Ukrainian price increase in world energy markets, according to researchers, will range from 78 to 140 million people. In total, total household expenditures in the studied states increased by 2.7–4.8%.

If the authors of the work coped well with the analysis of foreign countries, then they have serious inaccuracies in Russia. For example, scientists believe that energy costs for Russians have increased in proportion to the increase in prices for its energy carriers. However, in fact, the prices of gas, petroleum products and even coal in Russia are seriously disconnected from the world. Throughout 2022, the cost of gas and petroleum products in the country grew even weaker than the indicator of general inflation. But for researchers, they somehow "rose in price" by tens of percent at once (see the map).

The conclusions of the work look even more exotic. Scientists believe that the "unprecedented energy crisis" they describe should serve as a reminder: energy systems relying on fossil fuels make energy security problems eternal. "This underscores the urgent need to diversify energy sources <...> by switching to clean energy," the authors write.

Thus, the researchers forgot to mention what Naked Science stated back in February 2022: the increase in energy prices after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine was largely caused not so much by the response of the West as by its own actions earlier. We are talking about divestment — an ideologically motivated mass refusal of Western players to invest in fossil fuel extraction. It was divesting that put humanity in a strict dependence on the influx of energy carriers from outside the Western world, increasing the vulnerability of the planet to any disruptions in Russian fuel exports.

In addition, in order to say that the bottlenecks of "energy systems based on fossil fuels" generate constant problems, it would first be nice to demonstrate the trouble-free operation of an energy (and not just an electric power) system based on other sources of energy, not fossil. Recall: in the modern world, such energy systems of noticeable size are unknown."

Translation: abra-kadabra, sim-salabim, focus-mocus.... - personal carbon credit with a credit system for energy rations. (There is no significant increase in Russia, there is no energy crisis, but there will be a credit system with carbon credits. Why? Well, just like that..
As the Russian economy minister said on the occasion of the need to change the mentality of Russians to "get used" to eating bugs: "Russia is keeping up with the world.". The same here. (No, no, there is no global plan for a new world order. There is a Russian war against Kabbalah...)
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