Sep 21, 2021
"Cyber scammers target parents, grandparents for digital theft..."



Jul 24, 2022
"Attacked by Gypsy Scammers..."
Here in my part of the US, we have the "Irish Travelers" and their scams, which involve (usually) knocking on your home's front door, then pitching their scam of the day. I've had people selling meat out of their truck, or promising to "fix" the driveway (or roof, or fence, or trim the trees, or whatever), the religious doorknockers trying to gain entry (ostensibly to pitch their flavor, but one of the pitchmen invariably will suddenly have to use the bathroom where they will pilfer cabinets and drawers for jewelry or pills while the other distracts), and I did have one of the old school magazine pitch to help pay for college.

Our town has a "No Soliciting" law--with the exception that, if one goes to the police, gets the Police ID with picture, and the official Solicitor's Permit, THEN they are allowed to knock and sell...provided that they display at all times that police permit. They never have it. In two years of answering these creeps with "Let me see your Solicitor's Permit, please." only ONE (out of dozens) had the audacity to hand over an obviously fake, self-designed permit. All of the rest either say "HUH??" or "Oh, my company has it on file." Wrong answers. I then state, "I'm calling the police. I suggest you leave this neighborhood before they get here."

They were persistent buggers, until I learned how to confront them (which included my .38 in my waistband.) We actually had a new group knock the other day. They skeedaddled pretty quick when I dialed up the police (I used the administrative contact, not the 911 line) and shifted my britches to make sure they saw my piece.