Jul 12, 2022
What makes the majority of them "feel good" is when they scam people...They have "no conscience..." as we commonly say it...

This is another horrible example of human depravity...
Yep, sadly this is the truth. It makes us wonder how people came to be so rotten. What we do know is that this was one part of the many part plan of the NWO. People will only be for themselves and harm others to get ahead instead of being there for each other. Crazy mad world


Aug 11, 2021
Those are all such sad stories.

Remember the Publisher's Clearing House scams from the 80s-90s?I remember seeing them interviewed about their scams. They sold magazines and books to elderly people mostly. PCH sent out fake checks and one sent an old man to an address to pick up his prize money but the building was abandoned or something. They said it was an error or something. I see them advertising on TV these days.



Jul 24, 2022
Good ol' PCH has my aged mother on the hook. They CONSTANTLY mail little trashy trinkets that she never ordered along with an invoice of $11.99 , but like a good citizen she dutifully pays for the trash. I finally convinced her that if she did not order it, do not pay for it, throw it away, but NOOOOOO, she has to take it to the Post Office to return it like a good citizen. What a moron.

Don't get me started on the CONSTANT phone scammer calls. That shit went off the hook after she gave out her CC to pay the nice police charity man. I had to get the REAL police involved after she paid an Irish Traveler who "fixed" a dent in her car that he happened to notice one day; and then all his friends just happened to start coming by to "fix" the driveway, roof, fence, etc. Complete madness.
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