Random Thoughts


Mar 26, 2017
Has anyone noticed that people don't miss the early 2000s? Lots of people talk about how much they miss the 70s, 80s,and 90s but not the last decade, even with all the 'advancements'.
9/11 must have really done a number on us all.
I miss the early 2000's : )

almost every day I miss those days......

but what can one do? I was so young in those days, eh..... my life was not great, as I see it.... but society in general was better in the early 2000's, I believe....

and there is always that distinction, as I see it..... you have society in general and then one's own life.... society in general.... things aren't looking so good!... but even as the world goes down the drain, I'm optimistic for myself

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