Age of Aquarius...religious genocide coming?


Feb 18, 2020
There's talk of the Age of Aquarius starting soon, emphasis on the conscious evolution of humankind.
We are almost done with the Age of Pisces. The time of naivety and "anything goes" mentality that the elites have taken advantage of.


Jun 4, 2017
This is based on the newer, western astrology. Jupiter and Saturn will not really be in Aquarius; they will still be in Capricorn.

I'm not sure the signs in the Heavens mentioned in the bible will be consistent with astrology-- western or vedic. :/

Tbh, I'm not certain exactly what to expect... does "arriving with clouds" mean accompanied by a sonic boom? Some say it does, from the crossing of dimensions-- who am I to say?

Is a meteor shower that occurs at the same time every year equivalent to the stars of heaven falling to the earth, as a fig tree casts its unripe figs, being shaken by a great wind... ?

I don't have all the answers-- but I know we are supposed to keep watch. And I believe more will be revealed.



Oct 16, 2020
The Age of Aquarius is the period of Alice Bailey's "Externalization of the Hierarchy", equivalent to Crowley's Age of Horus. You can also call it the Great Reset. Alice Bailey says in a critical passage of her book:
Esoterically speaking, a point of contact, a moment of "spiritual intercourse," is imminent, and out of that moment a new world can be born.

If that can be brought about, then there can be re-established on earth the condition which was brought to an end in earlier days, when the Hierarchy (in order to further man's mental development) withdrew behind the scenes for a period. If this spiritual contact can be brought about, it means that the Hierarchy will no longer be hidden and unknown, but will be recognised as present upon the physical plane. This would at first be necessarily on a small scale, and the recognition will be confined to the aspirants and disciples. Increasingly the New Group of World Servers will be active in every nation and found functioning throughout the entire world.
If you are not familiar with Alice Bailey, here is a bit of background information (from Wikipedia):
Alice Ann Bailey (June 16, 1880 – December 15, 1949) was a writer of more than twenty-four books on theosophical subjects, and was one of the first writers to use the term New Age. Bailey's works, written between 1919 and 1949, describe a wide-ranging system of esoteric thought covering such topics as how spirituality relates to the Solar System, meditation, healing, spiritual psychology, the destiny of nations, and prescriptions for society in general. She described the majority of her work as having been telepathically dictated to her by a Master of Wisdom, initially referred to only as "the Tibetan" or by the initials "D.K.", later identified as Djwal Khul. Her writings bore some similarity to those of Madame Blavatsky and are among the teachings often referred to as the "Ageless Wisdom". Though Bailey's writings differ in some respects to the Theosophy of Madame Blavatsky, they have much in common with it. She wrote on religious themes, including Christianity, though her writings are fundamentally different from many aspects of Christianity or other orthodox religions. Her vision of a unified society included a global "spirit of religion" different from traditional religious forms and including the concept of the Age of Aquarius.
Bailey's "vision of a unified society included a global spirit of religion", the so-called Age of Aquarius, that will be ushered in by the group of "World Servers active in every nation". Of course, the "Master of Wisdom" that "telepathically dictated" this information to her is none other than the devil* and the plan is being followed to the letter. "If that can be brought about", Bailey states, "then there can be re-established on earth the condition which was brought to an end in earlier days, when the Hierarchy withdrew behind the scenes." What she means is the condition of the earth before the coming of Christ, when paganism (demonism) and utter debauchery was the way of life. But more specifically it refers to the Days of Noah which are said to precede the Second Coming (Mat. 24:37). I don't really need to tell you what happened in those days and why there was a flood that resulted in a "great reset".

The Great Reset of today however is the process by which the "externalization of the hierarchy" will be realized and by which the ensuing technological dictatorship will enslave us all. You've seen it in "science fiction" and it is now becoming reality before our very eyes. If you believe in predictive programming then I assume you can follow the evidence to its logical conclusion. And speaking of predictive programming, here is an article I posted before from Wired magazine which explains how we will be conditioned with this technology and how "cyberspace" is the marriage of the astral plane with our reality. That is to say, the "spiritual intercourse" which Alice Bailey was referring to, resulting in the externalization (revelation) of "the hierarchy" (which "withdrew behind the scenes").

Some further information on the Age of Aquarius:
The water carrier represented by the zodiacal constellation Aquarius is Ganymede, a beautiful Phrygian youth. ...While tending to his father's flocks on Mount Ida, Ganymede was spotted by Zeus. The king of gods fell in love with him and flew down to the mountain in the form of a large bird, whisking Ganymede away to the heavens. Ever since, the boy has served as cup-bearer to the gods.
From the article on Ganymede it states:
Homer describes Ganymede as the most beautiful of mortals... The myth was a model for the Greek social custom of paiderastía, the socially acceptable romantic relationship between an adult male and an adolescent male.
So the story behind the astrological sign of Aquarius says that Zeus, the king of the gods, fell in love with the most beautiful male mortal and abducted him as a slave to the "gods". This story was the model for then-"socially acceptable" homosexual relationships. It thus leaves little to the imagination as to why the "spirit of religion" in Alice Bailey's Age of Aquarius would include the abominable acts which resulted in the destruction of Sodom. If you want to know what the Days of Noah are all about then you have no further to look than the mythologies of the pagans, in other words, the hagiographies of the demonic "hierarchy".

* Djwal Khul comes from the Greek word for devil - διαβολος, diabolos (Cf. Russian: дьявол, d'javol) + the Arabic - حول, ḥ-w-l, "power" / خول، kh-w-l, "to empower". Cf. the Hebrew - חול, ḥol, "something secular" (or, "of the age"), the antonym for which is קודש, qodosh, "holiness".

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Jan 11, 2020
I looked at an astrology chart for that day.
Which is also winter solstice.

The chart is a strange shape.

Jupiter and Saturn are conjunt in the 1st degree of Aquarius.
Moon and Mercury conjust in the first degree of Capricorn.

Weird looking charts on that day.