Why is Feminism much worse than Cancer nowadays that is caused by women which keeps most men single?


Dec 1, 2019
It doesn't matter what they said: enlightement, rights for women etc -- theit goal is to kill 90% of humanity. There are no separations for countries for them, there are no laws for them -- they doing what ever they wanted. They laws, wrtitten for us serves their interests, not ours.

Feminism as political force has been created by HIVITES. It matters not their fine words.
Aaron Russo Full interview. Dead for the truth.

Andrea Dworkin killed by NWO wrote:

Men of the Right and men of the Left have an undying allegiance to prostitution as such, regardless of their theoretical relationship to marriage. The Left sees the prostitute as the free, public woman of sex, exciting because she flaunts it, because of her brazen availability. The Right sees in the prostitute the power of the bad woman of sex, the male's use of her being his dirty little secret. The old pornography industry was a right-wing industry: secret money, secret sin, secret sex, secret promiscuity, secret buying and selling of women, secret profit, secret pleasure not only from sex but also from the buying and selling. The new pornography industry is a left-wing industry: promoted especially by the boys of the sixties as simple pleasure, lusty fun, public sex, the whore brought out of the bourgeois (sic) home into the streets for the democratic consumption of all men; her freedom, her free sexuality, is as his whore—and she likes it. It is her political will as well as her sexual will; it is liberation. The dirty little secret of the left-wing pornography industry is not sex but commerce.

Woman Hating: A Radical Look at Sexuality
Pornography: Men Possessing Women
Dworkin analyzes (and extensively cites examples drawn from) contemporary and historical pornography as an industry that hates and dehumanizes women.

Thus, Wonder Woman captures the Jezebel spirit of demasculinisation of society, as promoted by the Luciferian Order.
For instance, the Isis-worshipping character Wonder Woman was created by William Marston, MK-ULTRA psychologist and lie detector inventor. Marston hired Lauretta Bender as a consultant to develop the Wonder Woman comic. Lauretta Bender was a MK-ULTRA paediatric neuropsychiatrist who routinely electrocuted children, including toddlers, at Bellevue Hospital in New York. Marston described Wonder Woman as ‘…psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who, I believe, should rule the world.’

Australian educators saturate developing brains with Luciferian Marxist culture - sexual promiscuity, globalisation, lawlessness, anti-nationalism, occultism, pro-abortion, propedophilia. Promiscuous feminist Germaine Greer is a fine example.
Zionist Camilla Wedgewood was of the Darwin-Galton-Huxley-Wedgwood dynasty.
Her parents were first cousins. Camilla’s father Josiah Wedgwood was a British Labor politician, Army Colonel connected to Intelligence, and Zionist involved with the WW1 Jewish Legion and Mule Corp. Josiah was well involved with the Theosophical Society who published his book, The Future of the Indo-British Commonwealth, which promoted the creation of a NWO via universal Brotherhood, and determined Christianity is not the answer. The foreword by then Prime Minister of South Africa read: ‘The New World Order will be a world of individualism controlled by Britain and America.’ The SRI Changing Images of Man book parroted Josiah Wedgwood’s content.
Camilla Wedgwood was into occultism, Freemasonry, and the Theosophical idea of a New World Order. She was a student of Rudolph Steiner, European spy, Freemason, member of the Order of the Illuminati, and OTO co-founder who claimed the ‘Luciferic Impulse’ manifested on Earth in 3000 BC. Camilla Wedgewood’s mother Ethel was in a sexual relationship with Luciferian Theosophist Rudolf Steiner and translated most of his writings.
Camilla Wedgewood was a left-wing feminist who lectured at the University of Sydney. Appointed Principal of the university’s Women’s College in 1935, Wedgewood promoted Margaret Mead’s false reports of sexual activity between tribal PNG children as the basis of condoning sex between prepubescent Western children, and she used her academic position to encourage sexual promiscuity among young women. She tellingly said post-war social change was the result of the intersection of ‘the revolt of women and the revolt of youth.’ In 1944, Alf Conlon commissioned Camilla Wedgwood as Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian Army where she served as a DORCA research officer. Wedgewood served two field years in PNG, and as senior ASOPA lecturer in Native Administration.


Sep 3, 2018
You're rejecting human nature and the natural order by choosing not to get married and reproduce. And for a country there are a host of issues with a birth rate below replacement levels. You've been brainwashed by Jews to destroy the traditional nuclear family and to undermine the health and strength of your country. Feminism is about destroying the traditional nuclear family and creating more corporate wage slaves. LOLing at the CIA using feminism to promote the Afghanistan War and some people can't see the whole thing has always been a scam.
Hi! I assume you were not born a woman, right? I am an openly bisexual woman who (prefers women GREATLY SO due to way too many reasons to get into..), but am absolutely NO “hairy, fat, ugly man hater.” I love kids, but knew my career and complicated life’s choices would be extremely unfair for a child to endure; so I CHOSE to not have kids. I love animals, and have a few, plus volunteer at rescues and shelters to comfort the animals. If you think about it, us women (actually my incredibly fed up, revolutionary, brave sisters many moons ago who started the awesome and well needed Women’s Liberation movement/feminism) didn’t just come up with that whole idea out of the sky. They were sick and tired of living under the sexist, misogynistic, very limiting, unequal, unjust, abusive existence as women/girls. Feminism was created in response to you chauvinistic, sexist MEN limiting & bullying us til we couldn’t take it anymore. No one brainwashed me. The world is grossly overpopulated as it is. Why do heterosexual males hate gay men so much? Very silly—all the more (potential hetero) women for you! By the way, being LGBT is not a choice. I had sexual feelings for both genders at a very young age. It’s caused me much confusion, guilt, shame, etc. until I moved to a large, open minded & accepting city. Also, gay men and I have been attracted to each other here and there in the past. Guess what? Gay men aren’t able to..you know..”perform” with women; hence their homosexuality. Same goes for lesbians. Got it? Good.
Oct 20, 2021
The title of this thread saying feminist are worse than cancer is perhaps going a little too far. While I agree feminism is a mental aberration that the MSM never tire of ramming down our throats I don't think it is worse than cancer although the more I think about it maybe I could be wrong?
Jun 26, 2022
A woman who puts food on the table by lying on her back is drastically different then one with a family trying to raise kids with morals.

If you can't see this then i don't know what to say.
That's just messed up.

So what is a woman who finds herself in the position of having to take care of her kids (or herself even) with no marketable skills, or family to fall back on, supposed to do? Kill herself?

Prostitution is a horrible thing, but people's insistence on condemning people who find themselves in this position are just as bad. Usually the same kind of people are against any "handouts" and assistance for the poor. All they can do is criticize and offer no solutions.