Sep 4, 2023
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i have theory that billie is lil xan but an alter ego

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Mar 27, 2023
So this is a topic I've been looking into, because I'm curious about it, but I'm starting to look at these videos and images and doing major eye rolls. I'm finding hard to believe that a majority of men and women in Hollywood choose to become and live out as opposite genders. I'm not saying there aren't some yes there are, I totally get that, but it seems like everyone or every "A" list actor/actress is targeted and "exposed" for being trans. I find that hard to believe. I understand that men and women have different body types and I'm noticing a lot of women in Hollywood seem to have the same body type, but they also have a lot less body fat than the general population, so I can understand why their hips wouldn't flare as big and arms may not contain as much fat. My other issue with this is that it's really highlighting some potential body image issues. Criticizing women especially about their bodies and then accusing them of being men, it's horrific. In one of the videos I saw a claim that a woman was a man because her ring finger was longer than her index. I looked at my hand and saw the same thing. Women tend to have longer pointer finger but its not unusual for a woman to have a longer ring finger. I've known me my whole life and I know I'm not a man. I've done Ancestry DNA and had by raw results read for health issues and know that I am XX chromosome. So to see all these claims by physical traits I feel likes it is degrading. Like I said there are some men in Hollywood that are parading as women I get that, but to randomly point out certain features of someone that is known as a man or a woman and accuse them of being the opposite is ridiculous. In the end you don't really know. For some it would be obvious if you see them naked and others you may never be able to tell if you did see them naked. I know there is an agenda but it's just wrong. I'm not talking about those that think or feel that their another gender. I'm speaking specifically on those that mentally identify with what they are biologically and then to be accused of being something else because of what they look like.
1. The 'Big Mike' thing is just a lame joke about Michelle. No one actually believes that, it just went over a lot of people's heads apparently.

2. I'm sure people made transvestigation videos about her... So what? Why the fuck would that offend anyone who isn't pro-trans?

...And you shouldn't be pro-trans (these days at least), because it's induced onto people in their developing years who weren't actually born with the rare condition. Inverting children is grooming and child abuse. Period.


Apr 19, 2022
Man of the Year?
Kim Kardashian, she’s the man.
The 43-year-old mother-of-four has been named GQ magazine’s “Tycoon of the Year” as part of its 2023 Men of the Year covers, whose other honorees are actor Jacob Elordi and rapper Travis Scott, on newsstands Nov. 28.
The reason for the honor? Her Skims clothing company is starting a men’s line.

Masonic references:
Interestingly, the magazine comes out on November 28 - 33 days before the new year. She is in black and white on the cover, and Kardashian's last name is from Armenian for "stone carver" (her father is of Armenian descent).
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