The Beatles and BTS: Music, Culture, and Influences


Jul 12, 2022
What's interesting is when they want to sell a band to people, the tactic used most of the time is having the band come out with cutesy and happy music. The Beatles' earlier stuff was all lovey dovey and fun. People would be so happy when listening to it...but later, it becomes all warped and strange... some say psychedelic. They get into all sorts of drugs, and suddenly, it's not so innocent, anymore. That seems to be the plan all along to sucker people in. The singers these days do it, too. Maybe not all of them, but some.
It's sad, cause I actually don't mind the Beatles, but I'm aware of the propaganda and brainwashing behind them, and their communist agenda. I mean, the song, "Imagine"? With one of the lines being, "imagine there is no heaven"? Doesn't sound right to me.