Jerusalem is the capital of Israel

Mar 13, 2017
I'm guessing that pretty much most if not nearly all people are vaguely aware of 'Jew-hatred' (as you refer to it there) and anti-semitism.
I was always vaguely aware, you know?... to the point where someone says...."do you know of that?"... "yeah I do".... "do you know what it means?"
..."hmmm...well actually, no I don't"

I'm also guessing then... that it's diabolically misunderstood!

a while back I just thought "what the heck man?" and went about trying to figure out why?... why is it this way?
and why do people hate Jews etc.
I even read the book... "the War Against the Jews"
I don't recall ever being satisfied with anything I 'found out'. (although I probably should have with that book?)
I still don't get it... and as you say it's historical going way way back.
...and even if I did get it?
I still don't bloody well get it!

you sound like you know a lot about the subject...
The history of the Jews is in the Bible.