Has anyone noticed films/tv are more than ever dark and satanic?


Mar 12, 2022
I’ve noticed an increase in sympathy for the devil, symbolic imagery on posters, black and dark colours, more sex than ever past say 20 years but it has gone worse.. (used to be able to watch a period drama without it), glowing eyes etc. Also they are adding sequels to films which ”ended”.
growing up they had movies with adult jokes but that seems tame now.

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Mar 26, 2021
Yes and what’s most interesting, is that no one is buying this stuff or tuning in to this darkness, so many people complain about demonic themed commercials and ads, shows and movies.

If selling this stuff is the aim, they’re failing miserably. So how can they afford to keep doing it? This stuff isn’t the product; we are, buying the right to disrupt our culture is the product.

The Chinese Communist Party has become the majority stake and stockholder in most Hollywood companies and studios, over the past 15 years.

Would you say things have changed drastically in US culture since then? I would.

The product? Cheap asymmetrical warfare.


Jul 12, 2022
Yeah, definitely have been noticing this for quite some time. And the crazy thing is, they aren't even trying to hide it! A while ago they would be more sneaky about it, and now? They just outright come out with it. Do they honestly think the population is this stupid? It obvious some will still notice even with all the rampant mind control. They are too arrogant


May 15, 2017
it's been amping up for awhile now and
yes We See/Hear of this in Our World
through the msm's so much more today

I think it's because the evil that runs all Our
msm's and because they don't believe it matters
as they think they have won this fight of Good/evil
they have the means and they already infiltrated every
aspect of Our societies so what else is there to take
except Us

really it don't matter if they do as those who don't comply
they will murder outright,We Know what kinda world they
want what We are Seeing is simply them implementing it
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Jun 26, 2022
Ok im going to give my theory, and i dont expect anyone to agree, but whatever, i still feel i must share it.

I think while pushing this overtly satanic stuff they KNOW that a good percentage is and will continue to be repulsed by it. No matter what, most people will never embrace this dark, gory graphic form of satanism. For every person i see with a pentagram or baphomet shirt i see five with a "love is love" shirt.

However, seeing this overt satanism will cause them to seek meaning in their life. If there is evil then there must be good, right? Think of this overt satanism as a push or prod to "pick a side".

So then the resourceful elites have a solution! A happy bright form of satanism where you dont worship satan as an entity, you worship YOURSELF. Instead of seeking to do evil you seek to elevate YOURSELF. All in the name of progress and love, self love and love of perversion. No morality but your own whims. Do as thou wilt. Still satanism, but in a pretty package. The real trap.

We were warned the devil would disguise himself as an angel of light.


Apr 23, 2018
I think they tested the waters and noticed the sheep accept it and alot of us call it out or ignore it but there hasn't really been any push back or damage to them. The only time it never works out for them is when they try to push ped0phi1a.

I've also noticed that every single teen show I've had a look at heavily and outright pushes the "Woke" politics, mainly to do with the lgtbabcdefg community. Literally every single show has had lesbian character or maybe a gay character but their focus is on girls now. They label boys misogynistic and have girls make out with girls coz they don't need stupid boys who control them. If you play or watch any trailer for any teen show that's come out recently you'll see. It's moulding them into a new generation of spineless men and lost and confused women. I blame the parents tbh for not knowing what's going on and letting their kids be indoctrinated.

We always know they'd try the gender reversal thing and push the gay agenda to break people's mind but it's pretty painful to witness. I feel like alot more people are against it and can see through their bullshit but because the influential people supporting this crap are the only ones allowed to speak so we don't get to see the full picture.