Billie Eilish

Dec 22, 2019

Is she a p***phile or p***phile fantasist now?
Since she was groomed to being with this man, I understand she may normalise being in a relationship with him, but she can't normalise dressing up as a baby. That's a pedophilic fantasy. She's an adult not a child.

Is she doing an adult-child kinky roleplay or what? Personally I feel like people who do that are both pedos and pedo fantasists, or one or the other.

I'm tired of fans excusing her stupid sh*t. That's what I learnt when I stopped being a fan. Like the time she was 13 and said the asain slur (it rhymes with think), and the time she was being a massive hypocrite and shaming guys (so I guess her body shaming video where she stripped herself was just a product to sell to her fans that's she's a "good" person and tryna sell an image to the public, and I remember ( im not trying to be chronically online here but this video where she was disrespecting her mum on live). (If it was any parent they'd whoop her)

And the flowers video. Obvs its not really a big deal, but why kick it lmaoo. They're tokens of appreciation

Really look at it with a clear perspective, yes they hit it at her but it was wrong timing. Why kick it instead of move your way around it???

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Dec 22, 2019
You broke it down! I would have had no idea about this if I hadnt seen your post. I agree, I thinks its another salvo in the attempt to normalize pedo stuff.
Thank you! :(

I was in a discussion with dumb Eilish fanatics about this thats why i put a sad emoji. They always find a reason to kiss her buttcheeks.

Celebrity worship is useless, pointless and dangerous. Oh, God how I wish a huge celebrity/influencer used their influence to guide a generation.


Feb 18, 2020
I still like her as the person and artist. I put celebs as my pfp for the decoration of my avatar. Not as it to celebrate the satanic person in them.
The problem is that we can’t full detach.
Im guilty of it myself.
But purposely or unpurposely, we are still celebrating them as some sort of idol/giving attention.
(Something the K-pop thread members need to understand)