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  • Part 3: Saying hell is eternal means it was the creator but it was created for the devil and his angels.
    One day there will be no hell, devil or sin. There will be just the Lord God Almighty and his children living in eternity. For eternal life is gained by being with the eternal God
    Part 2: There has been a clear distinction between forever and eternal in the King James Version(the original English Bible) despite having explained it to people multiple times. This is why we need to go to the original Bible version instead of translations that continue on and on till the word of God is misinterpreted.
    Part 1: God is eternal and once someone departs from the Lord God, they receive death.

    Hell was created for the devil and his angels. Whatever is created has a beggining and an end. God was never created, he is the creator therefore he is eternal. And the Bible even references that heaven and earth shall pass away but God's word will never pass.
    The adversary's punishment in the lake of fire is supposed to last for eternity, though. Wouldn't that imply that the lake itself, and hell by extension, would last as long as Satan's punishment?
    Yellowbunzz tasty
    Yellowbunzz tasty
    The adveseray's punishment will last the longest since he causedthe destruction. It won't last him eternity though. It may be a billions decades or more but he will be extinct eventually. Like jail systems, when people are sent to jail, some spend more time then others eventually they are all out. Forever is in a space of time, God exists out of time. The adversary will burn for a looooong time but not for eternity.
    Devouted Christian(message believer) trying to help those seeking the truth.

    Imperfect but hopefully we can help people open their eyes

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    The truth will set you free- internetbox

    ❤❤God is Love- Bible❤❤
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    Seeking truth. I am very interested in the truth from the Bible. I feel so drawn to read it thee days. Cannot trust anything we read these days
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