Wonder Woman 1984


Jul 8, 2018
So I just watched this movie, and it was really corny in the begining, but as it progressed I realised that they are as VC usually puts it hiding real information in "plain sight"

So the movie revolves around a wishing stone, u wish for whatever u want and it comes true. Later a guy finds it and uses his wish to turn himself into the wishing stone. He discovers that as he grants a wish he can also take whatever he wants from the receipient of the wish. He begins abusing this and goes on tv to collect wishes from the whole world.

Now theres a god behind this wishing stone, and gal gadot calls him the god of lies. The guy who goes on tv calls it "asking from the universe"

The truth is that faith is the gateway to the supernatural, its a spiritual law, but the source is either good or evil, they just revealed who the source of the power behind "the secret" or the law of attraction is.


Dec 21, 2018
I've always interpreted that "the secret" is just another form of chaos magick... write something you want, think about it really hard, trow the paper away and wait for the thing to happen.

to me the wishing stone is just another version of the monkey's paw