Silver the way to freedom? Insurance against inflation and financial crisis?


Oct 24, 2021
The best way to prepare for a financial crises, or any long term crises would be to invest in your neighborhood instead. Get to know your neighbors, and learn valuable skills you could use to barter, or hire out. The value of precious metals is like everything else, its only worth what someone's willing to give you for it at the time. If food, gas, and quality labor are scarce, then silver will more than likely be worthless. If I'm hungry and have two cans of beans, and you have 5 pounds of silver, I'd take the beans every time. Hopefully it never comes to that, but its a reality.

The precious metals market is about the safest thing you can invest in to safeguard against any form of inflation, EXCEPT a total collapse. Inflation makes it seem as though the value of gold or silver is rising, but its just the very weak dollar that makes it seem that way. Plus precious metals values are controlled just like everything else.

Honestly its a catch 22 in a sense. I wouldn't rely on anything during an economic collapse. Make sure you have a wood burning stove in your home and some food is the best starting points.