Kim Kardashian West


Jun 26, 2022
Plus North posted on her tiktok that she loves the movie "the conjuring 3"... she is EIGHT and seemingly obsessed with witchcraft, murder, gore and demons. Sounds like Jezebel infiltrating/moving in on North to destroy the foundation KW laid with her at those Sunday Services where Jesus was front and centre. Dear God, protect these kids.
at her age i was scared to watch horror movie, i start to watch them when i was older ..that poor kid was brainwashed by her mother and parents


May 15, 2017
I Know @Slava already shared in the transvestigation thread
think it also belongs here as there is really no investigation needed
with this one

kyme is a man and that's why ray had to go through the backdoor
instead of going about it the natural way(never saw the video only pics)
this is just a way for tptb to tell Us and We just think it's because of
the clothes not that they're actually a tged

they trick Us into being infatuated,lusting with/after the same sex this way

looking at the gematri and for the drop date brings a few interesting returns
looking up november 28 spelt like that,this is a few that popped out looked
to page 3 and stopped

"is ye gay,mrna,poornhub,you idiots,spelling,esoteric"to show a few

looking up spelt like this November twenty eight
a few that came back
first thing in the list was"birth of a new world order"
being it falls on a saturday,this is interesting,"this will be a biblical weekend
to remember"only did page 1 of the returns

it's also 33 days left of the year

something I just realized is the last day this year is 123123 weird eh