Jazmin bean.......


Sep 20, 2017
Ok so i was browsing youtube when i got recommended this video by an artist called jazmin bean.... curiously i watched it perhaps one of the most evil sick disgusting satanic music video's i have ever seen.. It's like clearly influenced towards children in a way with all the pretty pink colours and creepy lolita type stuff.....
it made me feel sick watching...........

it apparently identifies as a gender less monster.....


Dec 21, 2018
OH KAY, here is what I found. I became bugged with all these 'genderless' guys looking all the same, and looking similar. This got me pissed, actually.

This is Yolandi from Die Antwoord. Here you can see her full body naked and covered in sigils. Now if you have at least some knowledge about sigils you'll know why she is naked. But now I think she might not actually be naked for the sake of the sigils, but maybe she has became 'genderless'? I don't know, there is some trend about penis-hating here.

As I said, penis hating. This guy here wants to become a 'genderless alien' and wants to remove his own penis, I couldn't bother to check his name.

Now this dude is old. This is Sopor Aeternus, I used to listen a single song from him/it/apache combat copter back in 2007. He stated that he wants to be a woman but won't perform surgery for religious motives, all this penisless-ness is digital, but still...

Now we have Luis Padron, my neighboor here from Argentina. He spend lotta money to become a 'space elf', hence his pic holding a grey drawing.

This is the 'frog lady' from Thunder. She comes from spess and has the same features of everything we've seen so far, including being pennyless (either from being female or sexless)

And then we get this couple here. The black guy is Adam Curlykale. He has actually chopped his own penis and then posted the post op pictures, the girl is Veronica Carol Blades, her bodymod is way less extensive than her buddy.

I see a pattern here. All of then mention 'alien beauty' and 'genderlessness' much like this buddy here: 51LCtvrmUoL._SS500_.jpg. Now, do they have any esoteric meaning or is it just awlfully bad taste and the elite messing up with people's heads? These guys also remind me of the Tzimisce Clan from Vampire: The Masquerade (for those who don't know they are body modification obcessed vampires, as they seem it as true beauty)

The tzimisce.

Now, what do I think about it? This isn't about gender blurring, this is about gender abolishing. Back in ancient times people would enlongate their heads all around the world to gain favor within the spiritual realm, there are lots of statuettes of deities with these kind of head. Now what we see are people trying to become genderless (again, as opposed to androgynous) trying to archieve some kind of 'perfect' beauty, and the lack of sex organs mean no reproduction. Both of these are an offense to God because

a) you're trying to achieve a 'perfect' form. Since we have been made as the image of God then you're trying to distance yourself from Him by making yourself similar to another form from other deity (again using the oldest trick in the book: ye shall be as gods).


b) you're removing your ability to reproduce. I think you guys remember the 'grow and multiply' something from the bible. This is also an act of selfishness, since you don't want something similar to you (no one else can be perfect except for themselves).

Ok, i'm getting a headache, too much tought.

May 14, 2017
Another highly produced video, to basically sell "anti-pop", likely connected to a major record label and like Billie Eilish is pretty much just marketed to the girls who feel they aren't like other girls.

People need to stop freaking out over shit like this since the only purpose is to make people think they are rebellious just because they freak out their parents or like something weird.


Jan 29, 2018
This is a natural albeit disgusting progression from Poppy, Billie Eilish and etc.... sort of merging their aesthetics. But look how fast its happened and look at how vile, open and dangerous this media is..... agenda on steroids.