Graphene oxide and other heavy metals (poison in the human body) in vaccines+++ and relation to radiation (5G) and transformation (reset).


Nov 8, 2022
If there, at the beginning of the show, could stand out - above all others - one thing, it was the answer to the question "Do they stick?". This answer could have been received by practically anyone, and very many times. But.. it wasn't. In fact, it just faded over time and stayed in the alt-media - somewhere as pure speculation, fake; somewhere as ongoing conjecture; in third places as something that happened. But almost nowhere (or in few places) is it as clear and unambiguous a fact that has been personally verified repeatedly.

It could (then, in the beginning) be verified and confirmed as fact or dismissed as a joke, a fake, a speculation to smear the "antivax." And it's practically the simplest experiment in the world (you don't even need articles and videos in advance, microscopic analysis for graphene; you can read and watch afterwards). But, in fact, to come to these simple experiments, enough to verify the truth, is very difficult because of the disconnection (mostly spiritual, mental) between people. It's hard to spit on the fear of rejection, ridicule, etc., even to get your injected acquaintance to try, let alone many attempts. And this, in my opinion, was also (in addition, to the rest) a test to check what is the level of intimacy and communication, what is the quality of the relationship between people in general.
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