BTS discussion thread


Sep 9, 2020
Ok. I’m new to this site, and I don’t have a good enough story to explain or understand how I ended up on this part of the internet but. Ehhh? Who caaaares.

I started off as a casual BTS fan. I had my bias and so on, but the fans were a bit too rabid and the history too long for me to ever get too deep into it.

Basically, one night, I got really, really, high (weed is legal where I am) and feeling all cutesy and giggly, I thought “LOL it would be so cute to watch BTS stuff LolIl”

First, my mind thought, from interviews, that they were acting kind of gay. And then I convinced myself they are all together and trolling TF out of us. Duping us for the LOLs. Literally, everyone dating each other. And well, it was intriguing, because human sexuality is as simple and complex as that.

Then I watched the “DNA” video. I had been getting into conspiracy stuff more, due to being anti vac (reaaaally don’t wanna debate this one) and had gleamed over your run of the mill satanic cabal stuff on Reddit’s conspiracy.

In the video, the way they kept tapping their arms, I was like: “High thought: maybe they’re warning us about the needle?”

But the circle over the eye hand gesture thing, all the weird satanic imagery. I thought it was just a bad trip until I woke up, sobered up, and decided to dig deeper.

I learned about the creepy, draconian SK entertainment industry and their literal “slave contracts”.

I skimmed through many Reddit posts of crazed fans to find a link to this page and have devoured as much as I can.

I’ve had a dark life, more than I knew at the time. I’m on the precipice of understanding but right now... reading about BTS drama with a nice helping of satanism is just a nice little get away from this vessel and dealing with my own terrifying shit that will catalyst me into change, better or worse.

My eyes are kind of rolling into my head, though, to be honest. I want to read however many thousands of pages on here but I’m just not energetically able to.

This may sound heartless, but I honestly DGAF if BTS or anyone is doing satanic MK ultra shit. I was brainwashed myself. Life is lame. Goddess is good. Whatever.

Would y’all be willing to give me a summary - as long or short as you want - about what the FUCK is going on here?

It’s juicy. And honestly quite sad. And funny. A lot of polarity in my feels about this one.

Tell me who you have discovered to be the men behind the names (facades).
Tell me some of their satanic shit?
But really, like the true product of my materialistic consumeristic Cosmo gossip column consuming times,
I want to hear the gossip. The good stuff.
And the truth,
Truth is cool too.

also, it’s nice(?) to be reading here. Validating, even.
welcome to you


Jan 16, 2021
i'm planning to share the gospel at weverse. do you think it's a good idea?
yes, if you do then i'll be praying for the gospel to reach at least one person & for it to have a real impact. you already got some sound advice in the other threads but one thing i'd add is maybe use simple language so it's easier to understand for non-natives. of course that's just a suggestion, rely on God over anyone/anything

your post/user might get deleted, you will probably get some hate and you might feel like you didn't say enough & in the right way but as long as you're doing the right thing there's no reason to get discouraged!


Jan 23, 2021
Omg! Good eye.
They've used Saturn, of all planets. Typical.
Without knowing anything about Saturn symbolism, people usually like to use a planet with ring when they want to put a simplistic planet somewhere, because you right away know it's a planet, not just a circle :D and Saturn happens to be the only planet with well visible rings in our solar system. But yeah, in this case I dare to say it's intentional.


Apr 6, 2018
I hallucinated, for the milk that Jungkook takes, apart from what we said, where else, Shookie and his squad made by his father baker (is it a cannibalist?). The glass of milk and the cookie left for Santa Claus, is left for Odin. By dint of searching with this religion (obviously, have the same root), for my article. I came across this article: The Norse Origins Of Santa’s Milk And Cookies | Lethbridge News Now. The Nordic theme is very present in the clips, more than I expected.