youtube influencers/channels obsessed with trans


Oct 2, 2017
Anyone else notice youtubers are being obsessed with or are becoming trans.
I used to watch a few youtubers casually and they were all straight men, but this year every single one is now trans, non binary or obsessed with trans.

one channel i watched was hugo and jake, now hanna and jake, their entire thing was watching bad christian movies, reading chick tracts or reading the bible. it thing was funny and light hearted, sometimes it was a bit dark (humour wise). but this year one came out as trans, now all they do is attack anyone who doesnt agree with trans stuff and its all they talk about, it was a complete 180, another philosophy tube, a guy who just taught philosophy, now hes bi and into trans people.
any one else noticing this and seeing it as a little like its done on purpose.

Hugo and jake
philosophy tube

and just this week two prominent youtubers jefrree star and shane dawson have been accused of encouraging p***philia, grooming and racism. its worth noting shane also joked about having sex with his cat.

shane dawson
shane dawson and sexualising 11 year old willow smith
shane denies sex with cat
jeffree star

what is going on with these youtube channels, especially as they are popular with children.

May 14, 2017
Philosophy Tube dude might be bi and into trans people... But it'd be weird if he wasn't at least pro-trans rights considering he's part of "BreadTube", the lefty side of the YouTube.