You Shall Be as Gods®

Apr 2, 2019
The tech elites and various other occult minded people often speak of "apotheosis", which is becoming a god. The Luciferians state this as their goal, and even Michio Kaku said the same thing was around the corner through technology. When I hear these people boast of this I am astounded at their foolishness. I will not waste our time by arguing it from a Christian perspective because if you are one you already know why it's bad. If you aren't, a scriptural explanation will not be of interest to you. I will simply leave you with this logical point: If this was ever to be a thing, apotheosis through digitizing the Human mind or uploading the mind, don't you realize who it would be who would offer the service? Perhaps you want to hand your literal soul over to Google? No? Facebook? We all know how responsible both of those companies have been with our data and privacy. Do you suppose it's a good idea to literally place your very existence and reality in the hands of people like that?