XXXTentacion and Juice WRLD thread


May 10, 2021
Okay. I'm assuming, yall know what's happening behind the curtains and how shit works in the industry. If you are famous, you must work for the New World Order and push their agendas. If you work against the New World Order, you are planning to speak out/you speak out, or in any way you aren't benefiting the Illuminati or are in some way dangerous to them, they are getting rid of you. You know that numerology matters to them, example 9/11, and they are doing their sacrifices on specific dates to worship Satan. But first, in most cases they destroy your image first as a warning or kill someone from your family. (Most obvious cases; Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur) I am going to explain know why It's obvious Juice WRLD and XXXTENTACION are assassinated by the higher-ups for certain reasons.


First read and watch that, here are resources:
(XXXTENTACION and his battle with Illuminati)

XXXTentacion's image was destroyed. He was accused of beating his girlfriend, but he said that he didn't do it - his ex-girlfriend is mentally ill, and she is the one who firstly accused him, and after his death, she changed her name on twitter to "liar". That's the reason why I think that's a false accusement. But even if, XXXTentacion despite his past was a positive person and he left a good influence on the masses.
In short, the main reasons why XXXTENTACION got assassinated is because he worked against the NWO, was exposing the music industry and how they manipulate the frequencies, he was waking people up. His date of death is 6/18/18 , which in Kabbalistic Numeroloy is "66666". How can it be a coincidence?
He said multiple times, that literally the government is going to kill him for what he is doing and for just being positive, and that he will be a sacrifice and will die from gunshot wounds.
In the video above he said that John Lennon was assassinated by the elite, because he was about peace, and they will do the same to XXXTENTACION, because he just want to be positive.
If I'm gonna die or ever be a sacrifice, I wanna make sure that my life made at least 5 million kids happy

He was talking about selling his soul multiple times in his songs.
The media was trying to turn the public against him as much as possible, and by the choice of words, avoiding the facts and staging up all, the media painted a false picture of him.


Juice WRLD (pronounced "juice world", Juice from Tupac movie "Juice" and world "taking over the world")
He died 6 days after his 21 birthday (2+1 = 3, makes him member of the infamous 21 club), in 21th state.
First read that article: Here is a VC article about him.

And read that:

Juice's tweet before his death.

Juice WRLD signed a $3 million contact with Interscope Records. At first it seemed like they were trying to use him to push the drug agenda sad vibes etc. But if you go deeply into his music his lyrics were positive and inspiring. He was rapping mainly about his drug addiction, depression, anxiety and heartbreak but he was doing it in a optimistic way, inspiring other people and making them feel like they are not alone. . But he still helped many people, and saved many people from committing suicide and battling drug addiction and other struggles. He was battling his struggles through music, that made him feel better and others can hear, relate, and feel the connection with the artist and listener as he said. He was truly talented, and had a huge fanbase so he was dangerous to the higher-ups because he was a positive influence. His career was incredibly short, and I feel like as the time passed his music was becoming more and more positive and fun and his voice and skills were improving, he became more lyrical before his death. They want celebrities to have a negative influence on the youth and push specific agendas, they want us to be drug addicts, sheep following the trends. Despite doing a few one-eye-signs Juice wasn't really pushing any agendas (I see some celebritie's chains are more strong and some are less, but they must pay a price), but doing the exact opposite, was a very smart and fun guy, just being himself, going through many struggles but everywhere he was he was spreading positive vibe and talking about turning negativity to positivity, motivating and inspiring his fans and discouraging everyone from using drugs. Also, he was the GOAT of freestyling, he freestyled for a hour, his bars were unreal there are plenty videos of him freestyling on the Internet, and he gained respect from his idols, artists such as Eminem, Young Thug, BTS, Nicki Minaj, Ellie Goulding who described him as a "sweet soul gone too soon" and more, from famous rap and pop stars to game and movie developers and YouTubers. He was very humble and thanked God many times. He has over 3300 unreleased songs and won
He made a tribute song to the deceased rappers XXXTENTACION and Lil Peep (Lil Peep died at the age 21, was trying to warn us, in one of his interviews he said something like "don't trust everything you hear, and never become a police officer") "Legends". The cover features a conversation of Juice and X. In this song he says "What's the 27 club? We ain't making it past 21" He didn't make it past 21.

He was speaking up on his concerts, it's possible he knew what's going on behind the curtains and he knew he is going to die. In one of his interviews, he was asked why he got "999" tattoo. He replied "to worship satan.." and the video was cut.

And one of the rappers in the industry, who is used to push agendas, said, that Lil Peep, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Juice WRLD and XXXTentacion would be all alive.
Juice WRLD was a positive influence, and a danger to the higher-ups. He paid a huge price
Also, the hospital where he died, was known for unproffesional approach and racism.
I'm making this article in a huge rush, maybe I will expand this article in the future and do a bigger research and add more materials. The media said xxxtentacion death was a result of robbery, but i Don't believe it, I am sure that he was killed by the higher-ups, just as Nipsey Hussle (Juice paid tribute to him at his concert) at the age 33, He was making a Dr. Sebi documentary, and a hour before his death, he tweeted "having strong enemies is a blessing".

Also a number assocated with Juice Wrld, (he had this number all over his merch) is upside down 666. But he used it for positive purposes. He said that 666 is the mark of the beast, represents all negative shit, all struggles you are going through, all devil shit and turning it into something positive (999) and using it to push yourself forward. That's another reason why they got him killed.

Edit: now his girlfriend said that:



Also, someone predicted his death on tweeter:
Also, in his beautiful song, "All Girls Are The Same" he rapped that "he really feels like John Lennon". John Lennon died at the same day as Juice.
And literally 2 weeks before his death, there was a tiktok trend (often major labels start those trends) where ppl faked a seizure to his famous song "Lucid Dreams" and then spat water from the mouth (bleeding from the mouth)
Often these kind of trends are started by big music corporations.


and now, his girlfriend says this:

And she spoke against the music industry! but now motherfuckers think she's crazy!
x5j121sh9m781.jpg -jUICE's close friend and Manager, denied official claims, denied that Juice OD'd to hide from the cops. "That's a lie bro. I don't wanna talk about it" -His girlfriend, Ally Lotti, says that "she'll never be the same" after that day, and that something else happened on the plane "if you would know what really happened.."

Jarad's hospital denied that he was admitted!

Edit: I'm speechless.
someone shared a video of juice wrld "selling his soul" and doing rituals, pentagram(for the black and white music video) now i'm watching the music video, and I see a pentagram, a cross with a "RIP" and a photo of juice wrld and his mom!


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May 15, 2017
Xxxtentacion was into some dark stuff.

Drake seems to make alot of references to his death and he said that if he died it was drake sacrificing him.

Xxx was very much into the occult, I think he played around with the darkness alot and it caught up with him.


Feb 18, 2020
Yes, X was very much into occult quote myself from another X thread:

X has talked about the Golden Beetle first on his Helping Hand video:

“Shouts out to Teflon Sean. You need to make a, need to make a SoundCloud, Teflon.
But yeah, also, study the Golden Beetle. With that being said, goodbye.”

with a fan saying on tumblr:
"looked into the golden beetle because of you, it truly spoke to me, and did quite literally come to me, like you said. jus wanted to say thank you x, youre a real inspiration especially for your fellow musicians out there like me. we'll meet soon."
X replies: good, be careful with the books, they’ve got demons attached to them.

Another fan says: Can you go in depth on "The Golden Beetle" Or is it the same concept as "The Secret" (Law of Attraction) ? . . .
X replies: I can’t give you the answer behind it because of how powerful the information is and the things that I know follow it, but understand me when I literally say, if the information is for you, it will “literally” come to you, but if, and when it does, be careful with what you do with it.

I remember Mark Passio doing a presentation on Natural Law (AKA the REAL "laws of the universe/attraction" that X always talks about) BUT NOT THE NEW AGE VERSION. Guarded info that X kept speaking out on. Perhaps that was another reason why they killed him.


Feb 18, 2020
He made a tribute song to the deceased rappers XXXTENTACION and Lil Peep (Lil Peep died at the age 21, warned us about the higher-ups)
Could you expand on how Lil Peep warned us about the higher-ups? I'm familiar with him but I havent seen anything about him exposing stuff.


Oct 31, 2018
Not sure if anyone has seen this video but, Juice had posted a video claiming he was about to sell his soul. There is also another rapper in the video wearing a checkerboard hoodie. Also, Juice World's former girlfriend has a masonic compass with an all seeing eye tattooed by her sternum. I wonder if she had anything to do with his death.


Aug 23, 2021
Hello, I saw your post about Sometimes and wanted to speak on it. If you watched the documentary I think we still need to talk about his death because the documentary gave a lot of different insights. I see why Sometimes is still unreleased because he was telling the truth! He hated what he was involved in and wanted to go back to simpler times. You can see whenever he made songs like Sometimes, that song about not seeing life coming, singing about stop it I’ve had enough, everybody was around him but nobody said ONE word asking about his condition. It’s like “You can make all the songs you want but you’re still gonna die.” The way the people around him are so nonchalant and just willing to give him drug after drug is weird. I know he dabbled in drugs for awhile, but I also think he was going through mk ultra and the label heads were drugging him to where he could not even speak. If you watch the documentary there’s an interview where he can’t even speak and keep his open while speaking about the sad depressing agenda contradicting what he said earlier about how he felt about being diagnosed with wrongful mental illnesses. But he ALWAYS had to be awake and just make music and do what they wanted out of him. Sad.