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Jun 28, 2020
i doubt AI could detect sarcasm, facetiousness, and humor.
Its pretty advanced. Have you heard of the services that recreate dead partners? How about the services that give you an Ai bf / gf? This is not new tech. I remember they made the website chat bot over a decade ago. They've been working on this a long time.

Here's Try being sarcastic with it.


Jan 22, 2018
I think i can see what you and others are getting at. Its just one video after another with no engagement, yet there is no slow down to posting them. The sources are wide and varied as well. From channels i watch, like Press for Truth, to main stream garbage, like Ted X.

For what its worth its pretty much impossible to tell a human from a bot online. Ai is very advanced.
Without falling into the trap of believing that a name and avatar necessarily represents a real person here I tend to just look at a posters MO.

From previous incarnations like discord queen lisafer and meme artist crazy Christian Tidal this forum has always had resident posters who are just here to affect the forums general credibility.

Enoch is a bandwidth bandit. As stated, nobody can have their head in so many different places.