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Jan 22, 2018
He's not a bot, I've debated with him before.
But how can you tell if you are debating with a bot or not? Some of these chat bots have got real charisma you know....compared to some posters here anyway.

I'm thinking he just made threads like Franks con-vid one which actually covers alot of bases. ie "Multiple topics". So he can fill them up with anything even semi-relevant.
29 topics in four threads is pushing it a bit. I have no idea whatsoever what he's trying to get at.

Yes, I have watched all the videos that I've posted here and even read the comments and related articles... So you are shocked how am I able to do that?
Yes I am.

Well, I have watched a lot of these videos waaaay before I joined VC... and decided to share them here by creating the relevant threads that cover them...
So you're posting your own personal library of previously watched videos here so everybody can watch what you've watched? Have I got that right?

And what a rude question to ask a fellow member of this forum...ADHD or bot?
Not really. It's not like you are going to admit to either is it? I was just curious as to why you post as you do. Your banging out more videos than's just a blur


Sep 21, 2021