Why do we exist? WTF is going on?


Feb 2, 2019
YOU are extraordinarily special.
You are, without a doubt, an extremely unique individual.
And….look at you! All interested in God!
Impressive! I mean how many superficial people do you know? Their priorities are sooo different than yours!
You are particularly intelligent, and curious! Excellent!
There has never existed a person like you.
No one has ever thought the way that you do, nor had the experiences that you have had, nor has even looked like you do.

You have a specific importance to your Father, and Creator, YHWH.
As you’ve noticed, any young living thing has their own personality.
Regardless of wether you are a human, a cat, or even a bamboo shoot.
Every living thing is super unique.

How blessed are you! You are not a baby plant…you are a human child of YHWH.
YHWH created us “a little lower than the angels.”
Why not just as good as them?
Because you have an opportunity that the angels do not have.

The angels are “the sons of God.”
Well, we are too, aren’t we?
No. We are the sons of man.
Why is this so significant?

The angels were made in a way that formed them solid. They have always had choices to make.
A great deal many of them chose to go against the Creator, YHWH.
There is no redemption from their sins.
They are forever a disgusting abomination.

YHWH is sickened and disgusted by ANY sin. HE rightfully demands zero sin in HIS presence.

1/3 of the angels got all pompous. Satan(the opposition) is actually pist off. As it knows that there is no redemption for it. That group of fallen angels has already, long ago, taken it as their mission to destroy as much of YHWHs creation as possible before they get locked into prison.
You see, as pure spirit beings, they can never “die.”
It will literally take them being chained forever and ever to the pit of hell, to be properly punished.

Human beings have so much more potential!
The fallen angels, or “demons” are soooo incredibly jealous of us!!!
Even the worst of the worst of all humans will not suffer in the same way.
In fact, they will face YHWH in judgment, and at worst, be sentenced to non existence. Such is the blessing of being from dust to dust.

Certainly, there will be a hierarchy in the kingdom of heaven on earth!
How will that hierarchy be established?

First of all, accept who you are. Father loves your unique personality.
Second, live your life seeking the TRUTH.
For example, if your parents sprinkled some water on your head at a few months old, please understand and know that it meant nothing.
Only YOU can have the will to seek what a real baptism is.
Some might think that obeying their preacher/priest will bring them to salvation.
Indeed, it might.
But YHWH is not a socialist.
HE WILL place us in heaven where HE sees fit.
Father has not told me much about this, but the Bible does tell a lot!

The most important thing for all TRUE children to understand, is what they are supposed to be doing
You should recognize that there can never ever possibly be an organized government …….,NOR religion……. that can ever be successful on the face of this satan’s world.
Seeking a personal relationship with YHWH is vital. HE knows everything about you! HE yearns for you to come to HIM and ask for guidance!

I have spouted many scriptures, yet I have not given the exact locations.
YHWH requests that you take interest on your own here, and look for keywords.

If you care enough, search and look, you’ll see.
All praise be to YHWH