Whistleblower Nick Noe: What really (allegedly) happened with Bin Laden, Seal Team 6, Benghazi


Mar 19, 2018

Nick Noe claims the following:

- Iran had Bin Laden
- Hillary, Obama, Biden, other high levels etc. hatched plan for a 'trophy kill' before the election
- The infamous pallets of cash to Iran was payment for helping set up the trophy kill
- Seal Team 6 members knew too much, needed to be taken out
- Hillary takes over covert weapons program, pushes stinger missiles through Benghazi to shoot down ST6
- Benghazi cover up ensues
- Has audio and other irrefutable evidence proving the above, which has been turned over to several news outlets and a congress person.

Again, the above is alleged.


Mar 27, 2017
"Achievement unlocked"... LOL!
Salty Cracker is indeed salty, so I replaced the vid with another one. But yeah, some of it is funny as hell. I was watching Ry Dawson last night, and he was saying that there's no way Iran had OBL and was moving him around and such, so I guess we'll have to wait and see if this goes anywhere....

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Mar 14, 2017
Three days after the attack, Charles Strange said he confronted President Obama when he met the commander in chief at Dover Air Force Base as the bodies arrived home.

"He put his hand on my shoulder and said, 'Mr. Strange, Michael changed the way that America lives,' " he recalled. "I grabbed the president's shoulders and started shaking them and said, 'I don't need to know what my son did . . . I need to know what happened to my son, Mr. President.' "

In the weeks that followed, Strange - who speaks in gruff tones laden with Northeast Philly attytood - learned a number of things that made him question the official account.

He said he was told that his son's body was too badly burned for a proper Catholic burial, but he and his wife Mary Ann, Michael's stepmom, later saw a photo in which his corpse appeared intact.
Strange claims that the government report he was given was unreadable and that officials told him there was a problem with ink toner.


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Oct 15, 2020
OBL died in an American Military Hospital in the Arabian Peninsula 19 years ago of kidney failure.


Dec 11, 2017
....here's the story from another source, which concludes the same as Nick Noe......

October 20, 2020
Did the U.S. Government Hide bin Laden In Iran? Alleged Whistleblower Releases Evidence to Make His Claim
By Deborah Franklin

Alan Howell Parrot is an unusual character with a flowing gray beard and wizard’s turban who looks like he popped out of a movie. Born in Maine, he followed his fascination with falcons to the Middle East, serving as Chief Falconer to the Shah of Iran and organizing falconry hunts for the royal families of Saudi Arabia. His falconry skills often brought him into Iran, where he says he met Osama bin Laden six times. Parrot claims that both George W. Bush and Barack Obama were fully aware that bin Laden and more than 100 of his top Al Qaeda fighters were sheltering in Iran, along with their families. And he’s now released documents to support his claim, including an audio recording, that he has not denied, of Joe Biden's attorney admitting that Osama bin Laden was being kept in Iran as part of a deal with the U.S government.


Moore believes that Obama’s so-called Iran deal, in which the U.S. guaranteed Iran $150 billion, plus $1.8 billion in pallets of cash, was a ransom. In effect, the lofty-sounding agreement was not designed to usher in peace, but to buy Iran’s silence about the United States stashing bin Laden and his top fighters in Iran and allowing them to continue operations.


The cost of the Forever Wars in the Middle East waged by Bush, Cheney, Obama and Biden can never be calculated. Thousands of American soldiers are dead and injured; over $6 trillion of American taxpayer money has been spent; American’s morale has been shattered and our freedom eroded through the Patriot Act and other measures.

...full story at link....