what's your sign

May 21, 2020
Here is your personality depending on your astrological sign.

Aries: me first attitude, over-achiever and unpatient

Taurus: stubborn. Overlooks the flaws in people they like, but are overly-critical of people who don't meet their moral highground.

Gemini: curious and talkative, can come off as blunt and unlikeable

Cancer: Needy. They can do no wrong in their eyes, and can't stand not being liked.

Leo: think they're royalty. Go into a sulk as soo as things don't go their way

Virgo: Tend to overthink to the point where they can get paranoid. Might think someone is out to get them.

Libra: Can't live without a significant other. Wrongly believe that everyone is as idealistic as they are.

Scorpio: Possessive. Treat their loved ones as their hunchmen.

Sagittarius: Adventurous and philosophical but in a superficial way.

Capricorn: Rigid and dogmatic. Have firm boundaries but won't hesitate to trespass yours to reorganize your life.

Aquarius: unemotional and aloof. Well, aloof because they try to be unemotional.

Pisces: live in their own world. Lack boundaries and practical thinking.