what's up with the letter 'X'?


May 10, 2021
elon musk, probably an elite puppet is obsessed with it. names his kid x, space x, and now twitter. is there an occultic meaning behind it? also x is the 24th letter of the alphabet, and in numerology when you add 2+4 you get 6


Jun 28, 2020
It is just more symbolism in a world full of signs and symbols.

X can equal six, as you have pointed out. This is why porn is often referred to as xxx material. Or 666.

I don't get into numerology and advise people to avoid it, but there are a lot of devil worshipers on this earth that integrate it into everything.
Funny enough, those who use gematria and other various forms of numerology to figure out what the elite are up to are playing with the same dark arts and forces.

I wouldn't say Elon's obsession with the letter X makes him a devil worshiper. We often see sinister things in video games, cartoons and so on.

For example the game, Resident Evil, has God's names depicted in unclean places, like the bathroom. One of my favorite video game series I grew up with is Final Fantasy. A little esoteric knowledge shows it is full of paganism like Ifrit, Shiva, Quetzalcoatl and other pagan gods. Even kabbalistic details are intertwined with its stories, such as the famous character Sephiroth.

But does this man Squaresoft (square-enix today) and Capcom are devil worshipers?

Most here know the 1 eye is symbolism for the antichrist, but this doesn't mean everyone that uses it is a devil worshiper. You can call it… Inspiration.

Such content doesn't mean the content creators are evil people. Just proves the devil is always whispering to everyone. Putting ideas into their head. Most who think the devil isn't real probably think these ideas come from themselves.

The Arabic word is waswas. But it essentially means whispers and is usually attributed to the devil.

I don't think Elon is evil or pious. Just a worshiper of money, like many people today.


Jun 17, 2023
X is one of the three letters that give us the identity of the Antichrist,in the greek alphabet - χξς. And that's not about numerology or whatever, it's written in the Apocalypse.