What would you do if you had Jeff bezos’s $$$


Mar 14, 2017
A submarine. Painted yellow, of course. That would be fun AS!


Mar 18, 2017
I think I would want to invest in some of the minor and often overlooked renewable energy projects. It would be nice to make something free with that much money.

And/or I would want to try to help make something like paper more sustainable. I watched a documentary about hemp a long time ago that said that paper is something that can be made from hemp. I would love to test whether this is a viable alternative or even try to find someone who has a better idea and help them get it started.

For me, I would like to get some land and put a couple tiny houses on it. One for me and a couple for guests to stay, and then the rest of the land I would turn into a magical garden with a large pond. Maybe some flowers and I would pay for a gardener to create this vision for me because I’m terrible at gardening.

if there was money left over, I would give it to a reading charity or start a reading charity. There is still a lot of illiteracy in this world and reading has always been one of my favorite things to do. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have books throughout my life.

I bet a lot of people don’t realize how many books are thrown away everyday too. I read an article by one of the used book dealers that sells a lot of books on amazon. They get palettes of used books and throw a lot of them away because they are not likely to sell. Some books do suck, so it probably isn’t all bad to throw some of them away, but still. They are being thrown away and there still could be someone who would appreciate them out there especially if it was free. So yeah, I would love to help with some kind of reading program.


Aug 19, 2018
I would use that money to end economic violence agst women. Create organisations that give money and ressourcs to women who can't leave abusive relationships for economic reasons.
Build schools for girls in 3rd world countries, give them easier access to education.
Create my own production company to hire female directors and tell women stories (ahem Natalie Portman).
Eat organic food only.