What Is The Begining And The End Of The End Game


Aug 21, 2021
Primary Questions:

- What Is The Essence Of Having SENSE When It Doesnt Make Sense.

- In the Begining,
What Was Before God In The Void Of Darkness. Also, Where Did He Get His Knowledge And Consciousness?.

- What Is It God Wants? I Mean Its Fixed Point Of All This Commotion.

- Where And What Happened To The Great Library Of The World And Why Was It Burnt?

- What And Where Is The ORIGINAL Hard Copy Of The Bible.

- Why Do We Speak ENGLISH And Also The Primary Language.

- I Think Going To School Is A Total Waste Of Time Because With The Little Knowledge We Have Discovered We Still Choice To Do Evil And Destroy Ourselves.

- After The Bible Prophecies What Else Would Happen?

- What Is Their Calendar And Timing Of The Occultic Elites. Also, Even If They Conquer The World Do You Think They Will Find Peace?

- What May Happen In A Near Future, Now Or Lately In The Year Or Next.

- After God Conquering EVIL, What Else Will Be After Everything Is In A State Of Balance.

- Lastly, What Exactly Is God's Plan?.