What Is Political Correctness And What Are Its Roots

Sep 18, 2017
here's the thing: we already have laws against assault, so I don't quite understand your point. Just because some frustrated kids are acting out we need laws against being PC too? THAT would be ACTUAL censorship my friend.

My point is that these students took control of the campus for days, they were not arrested nor charged with anything, the president of the Campus licked their ass and was made into a doormat.

The real point was that these guys are above the law and they can say on tv they are going to murder you and nobody will do nothing, but if you only whisper that you might fight back - youre toast - arrested + fined + career terminated.

Mar 15, 2017
How is vandalism pc?
I am referring to WHO is doing the vandalism, WHAT the vast majority of the media is not saying, and WHY that is so.
Pro-gay marriage news stories will only be reported upon, and whenever possible. News which may increase negative feeling towards pro-gay position marriage will be under-reported, if at all.
Political correctness has created censorship of news in this particular area.