What happens when the internet vanishes?

Aug 4, 2019
Our freedoms will be chipped away bit by bit.
In the name of our safety, our climate, our convenience.

And why go anywhere when you are plugged into a virtual world? Where the people you know on the internet are more significant to you than the people who live on the next street?

When they make self driving cars, they will say that for safety all cars will need to be like that.
Then they will make it so that the 'car' decides where you can and cannot go.
Like a chinese social credit system, all done on the internet.

And once we are all reliant on it, they can turn it off at any time.

Probably won't come to full fruition in my lifetime, but yes. In my opinion, that's the way it is heading.

I was reading this article about how the C virus will impact attendance for films in theatres. This reminded me of what you had wrote.

"It is a very good time to be Netflix. Sure, the streaming giant is carrying billions of dollars in debt, faces new rivals armed with more fully stocked intellectual-property arsenals and lower price points, and possesses an Oscar trophy case that remains sparsely populated. But with the coronavirus spooking the global film industry in new and terrifying ways every day, it is not hard to imagine that just that many more moviegoers will decide to avoid the multiplex this year, and wait out the outbreak by bingeing Love Is Blind. COVID-19 may not be Netflix’s ultimate saviour, but it just might kill the traditional movie business as we know it."

BTW, No Time to Die, the new James Bond film starring Daniel Craig, would abandon its early April global release in favour of a debut later this fall.:mad: