What Do u think Call for An Uprising?

Oct 22, 2018
I just remember David Seaman riding the Pizzagate mediawave pretty hard without actually contributing much. He was one of the first online personalities to begin posting content regarding PG, but he never produced any results that I know of. He got thrown off of twitter and switched to Gab (twitter alternative) where he was basically an unofficial spokesman for that platform. His videos would continue to post "updates" made by other investigative efforts into PG but mainly he was begging for money to continue his "research" and to cover "security" expenses because of the powers that had aligned against him lol

The last straw for me was when he was asking his supporters to make their donations to him in gold.... because the economy was about to collapse.

WTF really? In gold.. ok this guy is totally loony! I really needed that to confirm he is!