What are you listening to?


Mar 15, 2017
And now for something completely different: A Italian love song from the 14th century:

Translation to English:
O Love, make this maiden show mercy towards me for ever since I fell in with you she has been a thorn in my heart.
O maiden, you have so smitten me with love that I find peace only when thinking of you; with your beautiful eyes and joyful face you have stolen my heart; I beg you to show mercy to your servant and take pity on my suffering.

O Love, make this maiden..
If you do not relieve my pain the heart which you have stolen will surely break for my life is never whole unless I am gazing upon your delectable face. As you have bound me with love, I beseech you to show me a little compassion.

O Love, make this maiden..

The actual melody, rhythm and style is so different from century to century!