What are you listening to?


May 15, 2017
I really like Dax,I always try supporting
any decent Canadian artists I come across
this had me crying a few times only as it's
extremely relatable for me and I'm sure others
here will feel it too sometimes it's Good to Know
We're not alone with Our feelings no matter what
those feeling are

I don't drink now but when I did it was because of
pain and feeling lost

I also Love when artists encourage their fans to
come up with their own versions/lyrics and don't
take it like an insult that they're covering the music
its gotta make the fans feel great too Knowing that
the artist has Seen them and enjoyed their take on it


Lil axe

May 11, 2020

A cockroach in the concrete, courthouse tan and beady eyes
A slouch with fallen arches, purging truths into great lies
A little man with a big eraser, changing history
Procedures that he's programmed to, all he hears and sees
Altering the facts and figures, events and every issue
Make a person disappear, and no one will ever miss you
Rewrites every story, every poem that ever was
Eliminates incompetence, and those who break the laws
Follow the instructions of the New Ways' Evil Book of Rules
Replacing rights with wrongs


Jan 29, 2018
This song played on my MP3 player coming home. I remember challenging myself to try and dance like Ranking Roger in this video throughout the entire song and could never do it. Now, I get tired just tapping my foot to it :D:

Aint they have another video to this where the moral was dont be cheating on your old lady, because infidelity takes us away from happiness?