Westminster London Attacks - Similar to French attacks on St Bastilles day?


Mar 14, 2017
This one is about Orlando, not Westminster, but I just wanted to post it to show off how grotesque it is many still think all these 'terrorist attacks' are real. This is an example of the kind of material that causes me to instantly question if hoax/false flag when one of these 'events' show up on the media:

That shouldn't surprise you since I would be a Muslim if I thought it weren't.


Mar 13, 2017
I'm fine with skepticism but I don't get the logic. You trust a 15 minute youtube video over every single piece of evidence that exists? I always question the official story, but the whole crisis actor argument falls all over itself. Even if they do employ crisis actors, that still isn't evidence of anything. Everyone who goes on T.V is coached, you think they really want some stumbling mess giving interviews? Let's see you have a bunch of cameras pointed at your face and show us how genuine you are.

So the theory is they hire all these actors. And give them fake identities. The hospitals have to be in on the story too. The coroner, the police, the feds. Yet not a single piece of evidence or person comes forward. Nobody writes a book at the end of their careers about it. I've seen the crime scene photos and that's enough for me. The simple fact is that police officers are stupid. They don't require any education or have many requirements at all. That's why we get bad information from police.