Weird Stuff In Food


Jul 12, 2022
hope this is the right thread for this
was here or crazy stuff

what do Ya think is being done to the
meats to make them like this,really is
creepy to watch,anyone ever have this
happen to them with any meats?

This is absolutely horrifying!! I got so sick seeing the movements like that inside the chicken! Stuff like this shouldn't even be possible!!!


Jun 26, 2022
This ones kind of old news, but i barely found out last night, so maybe others might like to know.

Cold cuts are sprayed with a viral agent to combat bacteria before packaging, with posible harmful effects on people. Have not been able to find out if this applies to organics also. I don't eat cold cuts, so i don't have a package around to see if it has to be labeled, but if i remember when i go to the store next time i will look.

The FDA has now approved a virus-cocktail spray that might prevent listeriosis. The spray, called LMP 102, is a mixture of six different special viruses called bacteriophages -- viruses that infect only bacteria, not people, animals or plants.

Even though these bacteriophages cannot infect people, are they safe?

Not completely. Bacteriophages, like all viruses, contain protein. These proteins can cause allergic reactions, just like milk proteins cause milk allergies.

The bacteriophages might also get into battle with the friendly bacteria in the digestive system, making it harder for the body to digest food.
But that's a risk the FDA already takes by allowing the use of antibiotics on farms.

The FDA currently allows bacteriophages to be used in pesticides, including those sprayed on crops. But this is the first time that the FDA has regulated the use of bacteriophages as a food additive. Other countries actually use bacteriophages in antibiotic drugs.

The idea here is that these six bacteriophages will infect and kill any listeria bacteria that might linger on ready-to-eat meats such as sliced ham and turkey.