Was/is Obama in a sunken place?


Mar 14, 2017
Thinking about the movie Get Out and how one of the actors looked like Obama....and it made me think of this crazy article I read years ago....

"was found inexplicably murdered after he informed some other Democrats of Obama being carried into a room, weird chanting and suddenly emerging as if he was a new man only moments later. (I know – it sounds preposterous but read the comments in the above linked article and trace the evidence yourself.) Kuwata was Diane Feinstein’s aide and longtime friend"

Thoughts? Is Obama mind controlled or maybe just brainwashed?


Mar 14, 2017
  1. "Following their witnessing of odd and troubling behavior from Barack Obama just prior to him taking the stage at the 2008 Democratic Convention, a longtime political operative is found dead, and those closely associated with him are facing a myriad of legal and financial challenges. Coincidence or something far more sinister?"

    The Senator he's speaking of is Dianne Feinstein. The Democrate political operative and close associate to Feinstein that mysteriousy died is Kam Kuwata.

    Ulsterman (the person who speaks to the WH insider)

    Insider: The Denver convention. Big success, right? Barack Obamathe mediajust another easy campaign success for us. Everyone falling over themselves to say how brillianthow fuing brilliant Obama was.

    UM: You werent there.

    Insider: Nothey had meI was back east. I watched it on the television like everyone else.

    UM: But your friend was there. From the West Coastthe other operative.

    Insider: Oh yeahhe was there. He was helping organize it all. Thats how he got so close closer than I had ever been to Obama up to then.

    UM: And he didnt think of the convention as a success? Is that right?

    Insider: No, thats not right. Everyone knew the convention was a success. Cant deny thatwhat a show, right?

    its what he saw behind thebehind the scenes.

    UM: From the president?

    Insider: He wasnt the fcking president yet. He was still just a do-nothin Senator bought and paid for by those Chicago boys.

    UM: Explain what your friend saw behind the scenes as you put it.

    Insider: Ohwhat he saw what he sawyes indeed. What he saw was sh-t that didnt feel right. What he saw waswas a guy who came in draggin and a guy who left bouncin off the f-cking walls. What he sawwhat he heard was a godd-mndammitIm forgettin how he told it. The term he used

    UM: The chant?

    Insider: Yeah the chantbut he used a term for it and I cantit was a wordah, dammit to hell

    UM: How about you go back to the coming in dragging partexplain that a bit more.

    Insider: Not much to explainObama comes inhes been there already right. Several practice runsfired up the teleprompter, going over the stage marksall the typical sh-t. When hes out practicingthe family is all there, right? But when hes in the back areano family. They are they are in different areas. My friend he thought that was a bit odd.

    UM: The president Barack Obamahe appeared fine during the rehearsals?

    Insider: Sure-surehe wasnt close to Obama at that point but he could see him from a distancecould hear him. He soundedlooked like the candidate on television. The interviews. Smooth. Confident. Charismatic.

    UM: But then?

    Insider: Butthenlater in the back area. Like a meet n greet areaand an adjoining room. Private. Closed off. So my friend is back theresome others too they are hoping to catch the candidate coming in. You knoweverybody wants to shake his hand. All that sh-t.

    UM: And Obama comes in.

    Insider: Yeah like I saiddraggin. Heshe looks wiped. Wiped out. His color is all off. His eyeshe barelymy friend saysmy friend SAIDhe looked right through them. Like his eyes couldnt focus enough to see themand a big fellaBlack guyhe wasit looked like he was holding Obama up. Making their way to the-the roomthe private area.

    UM: Did everyone notice Obamas condition?

    Insider: I dont know my friend didnt say anything about thatbut he sure as hell noticed. He thought maybe Obama had gotten sickits not uncommon on the campaign trail. You eat some sh-t food sometimes.

    so Obama is holed up in this room. People are kinda mingling about I guessmaybe ten, fifteen minutes go by. Then a couple folks march on in thats how he put it to methey marched on invery purposeful. One looked like Secret Servicethe other was a woman. Didnt get too specific. Wish he would have but he didnt. The woman goes in the other fellahe stays outside the door. Shes in there for maybe another five minutesshe comes back out and tells em to clear the hall. Clear out. Says they need about ten minutes to prepare.

    UM: Prepare?

    Insider: Thats what he told me she said they needed a little time to prepare.

    UM: For what?

    Insider: Hell if I know.

    UM: So did he clear out with the others? Your friend?

    Insider: Nohe goes up to the guy outside the dooroutside the room Obama, the big fella, and the woman are in. Hes just concernedwants to know if he can help in any way. You know, maybe go get something for a bad stomach?

    But the guy outside the door he aint messin. Its all business. Serious. He pushes my friend right on the chest hardtells him to step away and to clear the hall. And thats wherethats when he hears the chanting. Thehe said it sounded likelike aGregory chant. Thats the term he used. A Gregory chant.

    UM: Gregorian?

    Insider: Eh? GregyeahGregorian.

    UM: Was your friend Catholic?

    Insider: CatholicII dont know. But that was the term thereGregorian. It sounded like a Gregorian chant coming from the roomthe room Obama was holed up inside.

    UM: Could they have been praying? Singing?

    Insider: Maybe..butthis groupthe Obamasprayin has never seemed like their thing. The teamthey had a bunch of religion jokes you know. Even by then it seemed clear to most of uslike I just told you Obama is an atheist. Now Ive developed that little line of reason0f reasoning later down the roadbut we all figured it then too.

    UM: And his wife Michelleno sign of her?

    Insider: I dont think solike he told methey were never together except on that stage. No wife. No kids. Not until it was showtime apparently.

    UM: So what then? Your friend is stopped outside the door and he hearshe hears what is described as chantingis he the only one around at this point?

    Insider: Dont know that he didnt say.

    He cleared out like they told him.

    UM: Does he mention this to anyone else there?

    Insider: Then? I dont knowhe would mention it later though. I do know that. He told it to some othersthats a big part of thiswhere this storywhere this is headed. Its where he f-cked up. Its whereits(trails off)

    UM: Thats not ittell about when he sees Obama come out of the room again.

    Insider: Yeahits maybe 20 or 30 minutes laterhe makes his way back into the halltheres already a bunch of people there. Somehow the message went out to come back inI dont know. So theyre all minglingthe mood is great. Nothing being said about Obama being sick, or acting strangenothing.

    UM: But your friend is still wonderingconcerned?

    Insider: Oh yeahthat seems natural, right? The guy who is gonna accept the nomination on national televisionthe guy who is probably gonna be the next President of the United States he is carried into a room not more than an hour ago? Hell yes you would think he would be wondering what the f-ck is up with that.

    UM: But nobody else was concerned?

    Insider: I told you I DONT KNOW THAT.

    UM: Right thengo ahead. Keep going

    Insider: Soyou got abouttheres a ton a people now waiting to see theto see Obama make his way out into the hall. The ceremony is firing upyou can hear the enormous crowd in the stadiumwhatever worries there might have beenpeople mighta just forgot them. Easy to do in that kind of environment. Its a f-cking rock concert you know. A conventionthat last night the build upan amazing thing. Like a drug those moments. You get a taste of ityou want more.

    UM: So Obama comes back out he leaves that room.

    Insider: Michelle Obama comes out first.

    UM: She does? But she never went in

    Insider: Obviously she went in at some pointjustmy friend didnt see that. He wasnt around. Justjust shut up and let me do thisget through this. Keep your mouth shut for a bit

    Obamas wife comes out, theres another woman carrying a bag thing. That would be makeup. Pretty sure of that. She was alwaysthe amount of cover that Obama wearsI told you about that before right? Cakes that sh-t on. 24/7. Its why his color seems to change so much different brand, or productsomething like that.

    So they come outthe First Lady soon to beMichelleshe just walks on by. Not a word to anyone. Shes got a secret service guy who is alongside her. Out she goes and not a word. My friend notices somebody puts their hand on her trying to say high or somethingits harmlessbut the Secret Service fella, he is right there to intervene. Pushes this other woman she gets pushed back and theObamas wifeshe just keeps on walking. No smile nothin.

    Another five minutes or so and out comes Obama and a few others the big fella from earlier, the woman who went in after them, and now there appears to be a couple of Secret Service alongside them.

    UM: Was that woman Jarrett?

    Insider: Told you dont know. Hemy friend he didnt say

    so out of that room they come. Everybody is excitedincluding Barack Obama. Its likeits like one man went into that room and another one came out. An entirely different man walked out of that room than went in. That is howthats how he told it to me. A different man walked out. The changethatthe transformation was stunning. He seemed taller. His eyes were there was an energy to him. Powerful. He was smiling and joking, shaking hands, talking real fastthe suit the one you see on televisionevery detail was perfect. Everybody was rushing to shake his hand, tell them they loved himbut my friendhe was shaken up. It was too damn weird, right? What the hell happened in that room? How could one man walk in and another man walk out? Were talking two extremes hereObama was just about carried into that roomand he comes outhes bouncing off the f-cking walls.

    UM: Did your friend get closeup close to Obama at that time?

    Insider: Oh yeahgot the handshake. Looked right up at him. And Obamahe looked right downlooked right down and through him.

    UM: Through him?

    Insider: Yeah boyright the f-ck through him. He didnt recognizemy friendhe had been introduced to Obama not more than a day before. He was helping organize the whole fuing event there in Denver. He spoke to the presidentto the nomineeprobably for about ten minutes. And there was nothing odd at that timeObama seemed like what everybody saw in public. Not what my friend saw go into that roomor what he saw come out of that room. And Barack Obama my friend was veryhe made a point of emphasis there Barack Obama did not recognize him in the hall. Not a clue. He smiled down at him, shook his handkept repeating thank you over and over againand his eyes were always blinking. Fast.

    UM: Blinkinghis eyes wereblinking?

    Insider: Yeahlike f-cking shutters. Blinking. Over and over again. My friend watched him as we he made his way to the side stagehis eyes were blinking over and over again.

    UM: Drugs? Amphetamines?

    Insider: I told you before what I know on thatthehis depressionor something along those linesthat was leaking out from the White House after he got in thereso maybe. Maybe somethin like that.

    But that aint the meat of this thingthethats notI dont give a f-ck if there were drugs or what involved before he gave that speech in Denver. What I care aboutwhat-whatwhere this getswhere this leads us here is how people start gettin messed up who mighta seen whatever happened in that room before that speech

    My friendI heard later he had shared what he saw here and there. Im guessing that sharingmy gut tells me somebody wanted him to shut the f-ck up about it.