Wars and Rumours of Wars


May 15, 2017
posting here as it's speaking of USA soliders
doing live ordinance training on US soil for what
sounds as though it's going to be used on their
own Peoples

KJ what's happened 8/13/22 yt video
marker 3:43:00 been looking for the stand alone
video unfortunately bc doesn't work half the time
for me if anyone else can find and share here it
would be greatly appreciated

do I Know for sure this is the Honest Truth no but
it's better to be prepared for the worst then to be caught
off guard by it

I did mention some where on site that when Ya See Your
military doing so called training in Your town it's time to get

even if it's just going somewhere for a week or so I don't
mean just Hearing rumours no it's when/if Ya See the active
training happening but if they are choosing to do it undercover
of the night will We See it

I guess it could be coincidental that it's NY and I'm just a
crazy paranoid person which ill admit yup I am,I'd rather
always be that person then being someone sitting at home on
the couch when shtf and wondering,panicking not having a
clue what's happening or what to do

We all need to Hope/Speak/Pray that some of those in these
professions will be Good and standing for and with those they
Love and the Peoples they were meant to protect Us
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Mar 16, 2017
Yeah the Israel prophecy is up now, Israel will be attacked to fullfill another prophecy. It said Russia and Iran would attack among others right?