War with China, Trump or Biden?

Which president do you think would be more likely to cause a war with China?

  • Biden

  • Trump

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The Agrarian

Aug 17, 2018
...Yes. Because capitalist pretending to care about society and equality... Are leftists?

...? What does that have to do with anything?

I mean, ignoring the fact that I know some leftists that are anti-vaccine, the reason most aren't is because vaccines have had a net good or humanity as a whole? They've eradicated diseases. I still don't know why people get their panties in a twist over masks either... God forbid when have a little more anonmity in the world.

Lockdowns do suck... But maybe if we actually told banks and landlords they couldn't collect money until the pandemic is over and even they they couldn't charge "back rent" while the pandemic was going on... Well, maybe small businesses wouldn't close? I mean, God forbid we do something for small business instead of big corporations and banks.
No. But everything you advocate on the cultural front is also well-funded by corporate interests. You don't find that odd? At all?

If you wanna rile-up the rich, live a traditional lifestyle. The Urbanite 1% can't comprehend us Appalachians who refuse to accept the cosmopolitan dilido-lectic.