War in Palestine

Jun 4, 2017

Of course you will give the same justifications as usual, and it’s not exactly what you are asking for but it is celebrating someone’s death, which I think is sad.

The cycle might stop if Israel lifts the blockade and stops the collective punishment and immediately lifts living conditions. It might go a long way to show some fucking mercy.

And I’m not the guy here will excuse Palestinian/Hamas violence. What you described is absolutely sickening.

Like I said before multiple times as long as corrosive religion is in control of the situation it will never change. I’m tired of it and there other places in the world that need attention that might have a chance for change.
Israel is predominately secular, these days.

Mar 27, 2017
What are Israel’s borders? Does it have any?

The late Naeim Giladi tells of an encounter and conversation he had with Ben Gurion in 1954:
After the Israeli attack on the Jordanian village of Qibya in October, 1953, Ben Gurion went into voluntary exile at the Sedeh Boker kibbutz in the Negev. The Labor party then used to organize many buses for people to go visit him there, where they would see the former prime minister working with sheep. But that was only for show. Really he was writing his diary and continuing to be active behind the scenes. I went on such a tour.

We were told not to try to speak to Ben Gurion, but when I saw him, I asked why, since Israel is a democracy with a parliament, does it not have a constitution? Ben Gurion said, “Look, boy”-I was 24 at the time-“if we have a constitution, we have to write in it the border of our country. And this is not our border, my dear.” I asked, “Then where is the border?” He said, “Wherever the Sahal will come, this is the border.” Sahal is the Israeli army.

Jan 29, 2018
In his book "The Invention Of The Jewish People" Israeli author Shlomo Sand, a Jewish professor of history from Tel Aviv University, makes the compelling case for the majority of Israeli (and all?) Jewish peoples being descendants of European converts and that the actual, Semitic Jewish people mainly converted to Islam during the time of Mohammed. This would indicate that todays Palestinian Semites are descendants of the Biblical Prophetic linage and therefore, of the family of Jesus as he was a Palestinian Jewish man and rabbi.