Walk Away

Mar 24, 2017
-They invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and killed many innocent civilians for the oil and the lulz. The lulz we can respect.

-They're always sucking Israel's giant small cock.
Well the first one isn't nice at all. The second one about the giant small cock doesn't make any kind of sense.

Vixy, it's time to stop posting.


Mar 18, 2017
great video. he said everything that needed to be said.
i wish this was mandatory viewing for some in this forum.
Apparently, it is growing and getting more attention every day. It is too soon to say where it will lead, but there is such an opportunity for something positive to come from this that I can't help but feel encouraged. Every single one of the #walkaway testimonies that I have heard just so authentically represents the America that I know that isn't divided the way the media describes. I just feel this sigh of relief when I hear what they have to say and I really hope that this will continue and have an effect on future elections and the direction we are going as a nation.


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Mar 16, 2017
Hey Chass!

Good to se you again. :) Where you been hiding?

What's the hate on americans though? I've known a few and I kinda like 'em. We're talking maybe five and two were really how you describe as loud and pushy but the other three I found to be highly intelligent and a bit braggy sure but they were far from stupid.

You should meet swedish young females to meet stupid people, lol! Some of them..wow! Its to the point where Iäve cut ties with some friends due to their intelligens level. A common thing with these females is that they're always playing games on their ipads. Could this have anything to do with decreasing intelligens or is it thats all they can do bc theyre notr bright enough to read and learn up on things? Fascínating anyway..