Upcoming 5G network with Quantum Computing and AI for mass mind control


Jan 27, 2018
Very important article in the link, much appreciated.......
I found it by listening to that reporter's testimony on 5G in the video above - the one where he was testifying in Houston. He referenced a site called Project Censored. I'd never heard of that site before but wow, what a great source of info! Also read the article re: how Trump administration is (or maybe they already did?) took over essentially 2/3 of the Nevada national park for military testing! Hardly anyone has reported on this!

Red Sky at Morning

Mar 15, 2017
France's 5G telecoms frequencies auction will start this autumn, with licenses expected to be given at the start of 2020, Junior Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher told Le Figaro on Thursday.

France's four main telecoms operators Orange, Bouygues Telecom, Altice Europe's SFR and Iliad regularly compete in costly spectrum auctions, which provide raw material for wireless carriers to develop networks.

"The government will fix the political framework in spring. Arcep (the telecoms regulator) will then establish the specific requirements, which will be certified in autumn," Pannier-Runacher told Le Figaro.

"The auction will then be launched with attributions at the start of 2020," she added.


Mar 18, 2017
5G-From Blankets to Bullets
The single most important fact about 5G that nobody is talking about is called “phased array.”

I can only conclude from the above that everyone will develop EMHS and BigPharma will make a killing.
"Electronic communication and rapid transportation make possible a stifling world government. Techniques such as genetic engineering, psychoactive drugs and electronic control of the brain make possible a transformation of the species into docile, fully-obedient, 'safe' organisms."
William Sims Bainbridge, Nineteenth Goddard Memorial Symposium of the American Astronautical Society, March 26-27, 1981

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