Mar 18, 2017
Learned about this watching the State of the Union the other day. First time in my lifetime, I have ever heard creating manufacturing jobs in the US.

"Toyota announced Tuesday that it will boost SUV production at an Indiana factory with a $600 million investment the company says will add 400 jobs.
The company said it will retool and buy new equipment for the Princeton assembly plant in southwestern Indiana, which will allow the factory to produce 40,000 more Highlanders a year when the project is finished in the fall of 2019.
The announcement came just after President Donald Trump met with CEOs of the Detroit automakers to demand that new factories be built in the U.S. Toyota says the investment was planned before the election and is not related to Trump.
The Princeton project is part of Toyota's plan to invest $10 billion in the U.S. over the next five years."

Very interested to see what the next few years look like. It would change the perspective I have had in almost all school assignments that had anything to do with globalization. I have constantly taken the position that jobs are still created, which they have been, even if some of the manufacturing jobs are being outsourced because we have communication capablities to support this.