Trump Presenting Peace Plan To Israeli Leaders


Mar 18, 2017
One aspect of the plan touches an issue that I have always wondered on:-

"While the Temple Mount will remain under Muslim custodianship, people of all faiths will be permitted to pray there."
My question to nobody in particular... Why does the present arrangement stop Jews and Christians from simply praying whilst standing on the Temple Mount? Nobody is rushing into the mosque and trying to stop the Muslims so, for those who care about equality and civil liberties, why would prayer be prohibited anywhere on the Temple Mount apart from for Muslims? I have never understood the reasoning...
For the “civil liberties” issue;

“Again, I’m sure there are Jews who honestly just want to be allowed to pray on the Mount, nothing more, and who see this as an issue of religious equality. I would ask them if they favor introducing the same sort of religious equality for Muslims at the Western Wall, which Muslims worship as the Buraq Wall, the site where Mohammed mounted his winged horse Buraq and ascended to heaven:

Should Muslims, accompanied by Muslim police, be allowed to conduct Muslim prayer in the Western Wall plaza?

For that matter, should the police of a Muslim country be allowed to station themselves in the Western Wall plaza as the enforcer of law and order? Should the police of a Muslim country be allowed to decide which Jews can come pray at the Western Wall and which cannot?

That would be the mirror image of the current, Israeli-enforced status quo for Muslims on the Noble Sanctuary, which Jews worship as the Temple Mount. That status quo is not a violation of Jews’ civil rights, but a violation of Muslims’ religious rights and Palestinians’ national rights. That status quo is bad enough as it is”

Now that you see this as a civil liberties issue, this piece should be of interest to you.


Mar 13, 2017
Should Muslims, accompanied by Muslim police, be allowed to conduct Muslim prayer in the Western Wall plaza?
Muslims are already allowed to pray at the Western Wall, protected by Israeli police, some of whom may be Muslims. What a loaded and dishonest question.

What’s more, they can visit this holy site of Islam without gangs of Jews harassing them, spitting on them and throwing rocks, or chanting death threats, as Jews who visit the Temple Mount are subjected to by Muslims when they go there

Jews will put up with almost anything to just step foot on their holiest site, the Temple Mount, while Muslims act like they are under similar or worse conditions at the Western Wall, when their right to visit it is guaranteed under Israeli law.

Shouldn’t human rights apply equally to everyone? If Muslims controlled the Temple Mount today, do you think Jews would be allowed anywhere near it? We know the answer to that, because from the time of the building of the Dome of the Rock, about 1300 years ago, to 1967, Jews were banned completely from the Temple Mount by Muslims. These days, Israel goes out of it’s way to accommodate the very religion that kept it away from it’s own holiest site for centuries. But we’re expected to believe Muslims are somehow being infringed on.